The vast majority of the time, sheriff deputies and police officers are doing exactly as expected with the outcome that adds to the security of everyone, honorably performing a necessary function. Just as there are corrupt, doctors, lawyers, politicians and members of every profession in the country, there are police officers who are out of line.

Many are fired or prosecuted. And they should be. Just as corrupt, doctors, lawyers and politicians should be. Every time there is a police officer who abuses authority, it makes headlines.

Many of these instances are exaggerated if not in fact false. There was an instance when a minority driver was pulled over for a traffic violation and the driver claimed the police officer was threatening him and his family. Body cams showed that the driver was lying.

Recently, in Cecil County, a routine traffic stop resulted in a confrontation when the driver became disrespectful and belligerent, resulting in an injury to a deputy. The negative attitude toward law enforcement officers, thanks largely to the media fanning the flames of disrespect, has resulted in some individuals to feel justified in simply assassinating them.

It’s too bad the heroics of officers don’t get as much press.

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