Truth seekers who question any election corruption are labeled as “traitors,” or worse, while those in power deny doing election vote audits. If it were a fair election, then why hide anything? This is not a third-world country. Such hypocrisy seems like a clear case of gaslighting to hide potential evidence.

There are just too many questions surrounding the election and transfer of power. I’m not saying the election was stolen, rigged, or anything — I just want honest answers to simple questions. It is not treason to want the truth. Truth is not a partisan issue. It is not a conspiracy to question corruption.

I always ask my friends who think the election was okay to consider four simple questions.

First, there is compelling evidence, supported by over 5,000 affidavits, that there was sufficient election corruption in a number of counties in a few swing states that produced enough questionable votes to possibly transfer the election from one candidate to the other. Don’t we deserve at least a fair accounting? Maybe 50 or even 100 affidavits might be nominal, but 5,000 is a pattern.

Second, does anyone, anyone at all, truly believe that President Joe Biden got 16 million more votes than former President Barack Obama? Seriously? Biden came across as a tired old politician who campaigned from his basement, and when he did go out, could not draw a crowd of more than a few dozen. Compare that to the large crowds that Obama drew and the massive thousand crowds that former President Donald Trump drew in over 50 venues, all during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Third, how in the world could Trump win in 18 of 19 “bell weather” districts which have all accurately picked the correct president for the last dozens of elections going back nearly 100 years, and yet lose this one? How could we all go to bed at 11 p.m. with Trump having a huge winning margin, and after several, select states stopped counting for a number of hours, then a statistically impossible number of ballots showed up and flipped only swing districts in those swing states?

Fourth, why is the chain-of-custody of ballots missing just in certain districts and why did thumb drives with ballot counts turn up so late in select districts? Questions like these create doubts and distrust about validity in our election system.

Also anyone who has ever been hacked, had a cyber scam or any computer problem, has a legitimate election-cyber security concern about the fragility of e-voting since voting machines are simply computers. Even paper ballots are scan counted by computers. If the U.S. Office of Personal Management and the U.S. Department of Defense can be hacked, well?

The U.S. voting system is very complicated due to localities doing things differently. Regardless of whether or not there was hacking of some voting machines, illegal residents voted, illegal ballots were counted, or anything of the sort, the thousands of affidavits deserve satisfactory investigation in order to establish voter confidence in our election process.

That is why we need answers to simple questions in order to have confidence we have an honest, legitimate government.

Although too late to impact the disputed 2020 election outcome now, an honest election audit would go a long way toward re-establishing trust in our election process and remove the stigma of treason from those who just want to know the truth.

Jim Crawford, Bryantown

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