From time to time there is the possibility that we will have jury duty, which is at the courthouse. Some of us don’t sleep well, some of us don’t get to sleep well and some of us don’t wake up well. Here is a possible remedy to for those facing that situation. Jury duty starts before 9 a.m., so we have to be at the courthouse in time to find a parking space.

Get ready, all ready, the night before, even pack a breakfast. Do whatever you have to do before duty starts the night before. Then, travel to the courthouse and sleep in the parking lot. That way, no matter what time you get up, before it starts, you’ll already be where you have to be and the only thing you have to do is get out of the vehicle and go in.

I would also request that a juror not convict someone just because they’ve been arrested. When someone takes their arrest photo, they’re usually not in their Sunday best, usually not fresh from church. They’re wearing whatever. Please have an open mind when you serve on a jury and don’t be willing to convict someone just because they’ve been arrested.

Melissa Davis, La Plata

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