In response to William Algard’s Jan. 24 letter, I’d like to point out that the Democratic Party does stand with veterans. The situation is not either/or — no one needs to make the choice between helping immigrants or helping veterans. Right now there is a lot of focus on immigrants because they are being threatened by ICE, by the end of DACA, and by a general upswing in racism in this country. Perhaps that has overshadowed the Democrats’ commitment to our veterans.

The Democratic Party platform explicitly states that it works to ensure world-class treatment of veterans. It promises to work toward “efficient delivery” of health care and pension benefits for veterans moving to civilian life after active duty. It also speaks to the importance of mental health care for veterans afflicted with PTSD. Furthermore, the Democratic Party platform outlines the benefits of the G.I. Bill, which enables our veterans to seek education after their service.

Finally, members of the Democratic Party are veterans. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii), Tammy Duckworth (Ill.), John Conyers (Mich.), Tom Carper (Del.), and Anthony Brown (Md.) are just a handful of the Democrats serving in the Congressional Veterans Caucus. Right in our own backyard, Maryland District 1 Democratic candidate Jesse Colvin served as a U.S. Army Ranger. Throughout the country, Democrats are grateful for the service of our veterans, so please don’t accuse us of otherwise.

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