On May 15, 2020, the Whig printed an op-ed from Cecil County executive candidate Danielle Hornberger. While I will not publicly endorse or oppose any candidate, I wish to comment on the following excerpt from Ms. Hornberger’s article in which she states:

“Every time I produce documented data, McCarthy and his minions call me a liar. It’s their attempt to distract you from learning that his entire hand-picked Ethics Board (which ignored 12 ethics violations charges filed against McCarthy) right now are under a State of Maryland investigation for breaking the law.”

I served on the Cecil County Ethics Commission from July, 2016 (prior to CE McCarthy’s election) until my resignation in January of this year. I was not the only member of the current commission who was appointed prior to Mr. McCarthy’s election.

It is important to note that I was appointed to the seat by then-County Executive Tari Moore pursuant to Resolution 35-2016, and approved by the County Council seated at that time. It is also important to point out that during my service on the Ethics Commission, no violations regarding Mr. McCarthy were brought before us. In addition, no investigation by the State of Maryland, nor any other entity, was initiated during my term.

Negative campaigns do not benefit the public at large. Statements such as the one above that question my integrity as a member of the Ethics Commission are offensive. My colleagues with whom I served on the Ethics Commission carefully and deliberately investigated each complaint while strictly adhering to Cecil County Code Chapter 39 – Ethics.

Blanket statements that can ultimately affect a private citizen should be carefully considered prior to being placed in writing.

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