The DACA debate never should have happened. It is a waste of legislative time.

DACA recipients make up a mere 0.22 percent of our population. DREAMers came as children. Their parents came illegally, fleeing violence, lack of economic opportunities, fears of being forced into drug cartels, etc. They acted out of love for their children and hope for the future. What DACA children’s parents from Central America were fleeing is generally much worse conditions than those of our migrating ancestors.

We must realize that none of us did anything to deserve being Americans. We are all immigrants unless we are 100 percent Native American. What makes us think it is our God-given right to enjoy what the U.S. has to offer to the exclusion of others?

DACA recipients have grown up here, they speak English. Without DACA they have no legal papers for employment or access to a college education. DREAMers are told they are not welcome here, yet this is their home. DACA recipients have to have a high school diploma, GED or be in school. They are not accepted if they have a significant criminal record.

They work or study, pay taxes, start businesses, and generally contribute to our economy. Their parents do the jobs Americans don’t want to do, harvesting our food, cleaning our homes and hotels, landscaping our yards, constructing our buildings, etc. They contribute $6 billion annually (their employers another $6 billion) to Social Security with no access to the benefits. They pay $11.6 billion annually in state and local taxes. They are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, nor any federal student aid or loans.

That legislators in the richest country in the world can spend days debating this is embarrassing and shameful.

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You are missing one fundamental point. All of the other legal immigration came here through a documented legalization process (VIA our laws). We are a country of laws and while some do not like the laws they are our laws never the less. Until these laws are changed (not executive ordered) these will remain the laws. The parents knew the risk they were putting their children in. Put the blame where it belongs, on these parents not following the laws. Heck after all of this time they could have filed for legal status but have not. Congress has till March to change these laws so it is not over yet. We will see what happens. But whatever happens our laws should prevail over emotions.

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