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Colvin will protect Cecil, its residents

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Letters to the Editor

I have spent much of every summer in North East since I was born, and moved here permanently in 2010. Like most of us, I believe Cecil County is one of the truly special places on earth, with its five rivers, beautiful sunsets, and fabulous people.

I also believe that we have not been well served by our congressman, Andy Harris. His voting record on the environment, for example, is clear: he voted against the EPA regulating our waters, voted to repeal the Stream Protection Rule, voted against the Regional Greenhouse Initiative and the additional emissions caps. I have seen no leadership from Mr. Harris for bringing the Chesapeake Bay back.

Cecil County is not the wealthiest county in the state, but Mr. Harris has repeatedly voted against the Affordable Care Act, an act that allows Cecil County citizens access to reasonably priced insurance. Lack of insurance decreases overall health in the population, and increases expense when people use hospital emergency rooms instead of getting preventive care from primary physicians. Mr. Harris has lost connection with the voters. His town meetings are a dump of well-filtered information with very little time for the interactive questioning that we Cecil County voters deserve.

Jesse Colvin is a different candidate. As a former Army Ranger, he knows how to organize, prioritize and get the job done. Jesse believes health care is a right for all Americans, and will support and strengthen the Affordable Care Act. He will lead the cause of keeping pollution out of the Chesapeake Bay, work to increase alternative energy sources and decrease climate change so that our waters will not inundate our shore side neighborhoods. Most important, Jesse will not disappear into Washington politics, but will continue, as he has shown in his campaign, to connect with the voters in the First District.

I have loved North East and the Northeast River for 68 years; please help elect Jesse to help our district and to help our country move forward.

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