As a veteran teacher with 20 years of service to the students of Cecil County, I have seen many elected-officials come and go. Many have attempted to “talk the talk” about the importance of our schools, however, it is much rarer to see someone show our schools and our students the support they deserve and so desperately need.

Unfortunately, for many years our schools and our budget did not receive serious support. We went many years with the bare minimum funding allowed by the law. The structural deficit in the county grew. Meanwhile, our educators and the families we serve did everything in our power to provide students with the best we could.

Alan McCarthy on the other hand, has made historic investments in our schools, and our students’ lives are better because of his leadership. We have our first new schools in almost 30 years because of his hard work. Now, it’s not easy to find the political will to raise the money to do the right thing. Alan supported our schools while he eliminated that structural deficit. That’s something fiscal conservatives ought to be proud of.

Sadly, some people will misrepresent that hard work by telling people their taxes have been raised, even when that isn’t true. The truth is that since 2017, our tax rates have remained flat. Alan even proposed property tax cuts for veterans and seniors next year.

All elections are a choice, and this race for County Executive comes down to whether Cecil County voters want a candidate who did the hard thing, the right way, or someone else who may be willing to stretch the truth about those hard choices.

Our children deserve a County Executive who understands the importance of education—that students and their schools aren’t just line-items in a budget. Particularly in this crisis, good schools are the foundation for better jobs, better citizens, and a better future. Alan McCarthy is that kind of County Executive, and that’s why he has my support.

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