“Cancel culture” is ethnic cultural cleansing as practiced by the Democratic Party. The Taliban does it for religious reasons; the Democrats do it for political purposes.

In Maryland, they came in the dead of night in 2017 to remove from the state capitol grounds the statue of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney because of the 1857 pro-slavery Dred Scott court decision. When will they come to carry away the statehouse statues of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, John Hanson and George Washington because they were slave owners?

In 2020 they removed a plaque from the statehouse that honored Maryland’s Union and Confederate soldiers. Political correctness and cultural cleansing nullify historical diversity and inclusion. In 2021 they repealed the state song “Maryland, My Maryland,” because of its pro-secession support of the Confederacy. Will it be replaced with “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” the Black anthem?

When will they come to take down and replace the Maryland state flag and state seal because the design comes from the Calvert-Crossland coat of arms, Maryland’s colonizers? Furthermore, the flag’s red-and-white cross bottony was adopted as the emblem of Confederate soldiers from Maryland. Will the Pan-African flag become Maryland’s new state flag?

When will the city of Baltimore, named for the Calvert family’s Irish barony, and all the counties except Allegany and Wicomico, be renamed? For example, St. Mary’s County is named for the Virgin Mary, Calvert County honors the Calvert family, and Charles County’s namesake is Charles Calvert, third baron of Baltimore. Which counties will be renamed for Banneker, Douglass, Marshall or Tubman? Will Prince George’s County be renamed for Jack Ransom, who led a failed slave revolt near Upper Marlboro in 1739?

Removing anything associated with historical slavery for its being “offensive” is a pretext and a smokescreen to disguise a political agenda. Power is the ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Cancellation is a purposeful display by extremists of their power to intimidate, censor, challenge authority and impose their will, aided by cowardly appeasement.

Yes, Maryland, “The despot’s heel is on thy shore,” in the form of the socialist Democratic Party.

Mark Broadhurst, St. Mary’s County

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Oh give us a break. The right thrives on "cancel culture". Conservatives didn’t complain about cancel culture when former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was drummed out of professional football for silently and peacefully expressing a political view — after all, it was the NFL, where conservative values ruled. But a few years later, the league commissioner was saying, “Black lives matter” and NASCAR banned the Confederate flag — nothing less than liberal values infecting what they thought were conservative safe spaces.

Nor did conservatives mind in 2003 when country stations refused to play the Dixie Chicks after their lead singer gently insulted then-President George W. Bush. But when country star Morgan Wallen received similar treatment after video emerged of him saying the n-word, his sales went through the roof. It’s almost as though people downloaded his songs precisely because he looked like the victim of a liberal canceling.

So don't carry on like some sort of martyr and think the "liberal left" is out to ruin your precious culture. It just so happens that it doesn't fit your narrative, so you want to cry about it.

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