Sixty-six percent of Americans want improved gun legislation. Why won’t Washington vote on tighter laws? Greed.

The NRA is greedy for profit, politicians are greedy for NRA backing to protect their lucrative and powerful elected positions. Many studies prove the solution to less gun violence is simple: fewer guns.

Fewer guns overall leads to fewer gun deaths, be they homicide, accidental or suicide. None of the regulations alone will make much of a difference, but many stricter laws will make a dent in senseless gun deaths. All guns sold must require mandatory federal background checks. Thorough background checks take time, automatically causing a wait period which will decrease suicides. We need a national register of all gun ownership. No semi-automatics or silencers are needed for gun enthusiasts to enjoy their sport gun hobby. Bump stocks must be declared illegal and taken out of circulation as quickly as possible. All ammunition purchases must be registered and ammo must be made traceable. Gun owners need to be held responsible for their gun’s whereabouts all the time, and for the damage it can do.

All these legislative changes would only make a small difference in gun deaths because for decades gun legislation has been pathetic and now there are too many guns in the U.S. In the U.S. there are 88.8 guns per 100 people. None of these laws would take away the Second Amendment, but all of them together would make us safer. Don’t let a politician score points by saying they are in favor of the Second Amendment. They all are, and it is not going away.

While politicians play Russian roulette with all our lives, remember this: you can vote for politicians with NRA backing or you can vote against them. It’s your choice.

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CC rider

There is so much half truth and misinformation in this opinion I don't know where to start. 1. The NRA is a non-profit organization. 2. Just throwing out a number saying 60% want common sense law that will take a constitutional right away. Where did this number come from? The old saying "Figures lie and liars figure" comes to mind. 3. Taking firearms from the hands of the citizenry will not make you safer. Most cops will tell you that. you may counter with some made up association of police chiefs from liberal cities where they have gun oppressive control, but even if you got every weapon off the street in those towns you still couldn't walk the streets at night in one of them. 4. The NRA is the first activist group in America to champion the defense a constitutional amendment. The rank and file members are not criminals but they are tax payers from all the spectrum of the United States and they are getting pretty sick of being called racist and redneck. The country is at an impasse with this issue. Gun control advocates do not deny their ultimate goal is the complete disarming of the civilian populace when they speak at a rally. But they get in front of a camera and deny that is their agenda when a camera is in their face. We are not fooled by the phrase "Common sense gun laws" We record the speakers at your rallies too. The difference is honesty the NRA is honest they say the same thing in front of a camera that they say in a packed stadium even with the disapproval of leftist media outlets.

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