Letters to the Editor

The Trustees of the North East United Methodist Church Cemetery would like to express their profound regret over the unfortunate incident that occurred at the Cemetery this week.

Every spring, cemetery trustees and a small group of volunteers remove seasonal decorations and items which are not in compliance with cemetery regulations and replace the flags on the graves of our veterans. These dates are published in local print media. Normally, this work is done by the trustees and a small group of volunteers. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather this spring, several scheduled cemetery cleanup days had to be cancelled. As a result of the delay, and the resultant buildup of material to be cleared, the cemetery trustees decided to employ a contractor to assist in doing this work. Unfortunately, the contractor was not given clear instructions on what items were to be removed, and what were permitted to remain. As a result, he removed some items which should have been left in place, including funeral sprays from recent burials, Mother’s Day decorations and other items of sentimental value that had been placed on the graves and were not in violation of cemetery regulations. Fortunately, the trustees were able to stop the contractor before the items were removed from the cemetery and some families were able to recover their missing property.

The trustees have salvaged some items which look like they have sentimental value and secured them in the cemetery office at 101 Cemetery Road in North East. Anyone who can’t find their missing items can call 410-287 -9312 and make an appointment to come to the cemetery office and recover the missing items.

Once again, the cemetery trustees want to apologize and express their sincere condolences to those who have been hurt by this very unfortunate incident. We are taking steps to makes sure such an incident does not occur again.

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