Letters to the Editor

Governing is never easy. You have to make tough choices. And, for many years, our elected leaders kept passing the buck. They borrowed against the future. They didn't balance our budgets. They were scared to make tough choices. Then we elected Alan McCarthy as our county executive. Like Donald Trump, he is making our county great again. In just four short years, we are finally investing in our schools, in our sheriff's department, and in our roads. And, most importantly to me, we are making historic efforts to address the opioid crisis that is killing our children. We can make those investments because Alan is fiscally responsible and made the tough choices. He ended decades of reckless spending. And reformed our budget to make our county safer and stronger. He isn't just a lot of talk like D.C. or Annapolis politicians. He is man of action. But now, some want to go back. They want to cut funding to our schools, our sheriff's department, and put us on a course that will force our leaders to raise takes dramatically or for our children to pay the bills. We can't let that happen. That is why I and everyone I know support Alan McCarthy for another term as County Executive.

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