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Dear Cecil County Citizens,

We are embroiled once again in a call for tougher gun laws. From my observation (on a very local level), I see that failure to prosecute when guns are involved as being relevant to this debate. Our state's attorney and those working within that office are responsible for levying criminal charges and prosecuting in such a manner as to safeguard the citizens. This appears to be far from our reality.

I rarely watch CNN, aka Fake News, but once in a while I will turn them on to see if they are still doing the same thing that they have in the last several years. They are Russia, Russia, Racist, Racist.

I moved back to Chesapeake City three years ago after having previously resided here for 20 years. In the past, I owned the Canal Creamery and was a member of the Scenic Byways Corridor Management Plan — I understand Cecil County did not pass the plan. I also had the opportunity to be president of the Merchants Association and of the Tourism Board.

Despite the best efforts of the U.S. Naval Academy’s “Fighting 46” fire department and local wildlife rehabilitators, a fledgling osprey has died after becoming entangled in fishing line and snared in a tree in Anne Arundel County.

Recognition and kudos to State Sen. Steve Hershey (R-Upper Shore) for stepping up and acknowledging that we must forget partisan rhetoric and take on the security and safety crisis that has arisen for all of us due to mass attacks by active shooters.

The Whig's article of Saturday, July 27, titled "State OK's Utility Plan with R.S. Changes" implies that West Nottingham Academy supports the town of Rising Sun in its efforts to realize its version of Cecil County’s 2019 Master Water and Sewer Plan. It also implies that WNA has now or has had "health and safety concerns" regarding our campus's water.

President Trump, as a retired public school teacher, I implore you and all members of Congress to stop the verbal wars and political gridlock. What our country needs now are viable ideas and solutions anchored in the acronym of H.O.P.E — Healing Our Public Education!

This past week I had the extraordinary privilege and honor to be with a young lady who showed me what it means to walk through a crisis and in to a victory.

On July 12, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 1327, the "Never Forget the Heroes Permanent Authorization of September 11 Victim Compensation Act." This bill is intended to provide additional funding for medical care to the 9/11 first responders who have suffered from incident-related illnesses. This bill passed by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 402-11.

I am writing about what I see as a possible health and environmental issue for our community. At the northwest corners of U.S. Route 40 and Route 279 there appears to be a dumping area for tires.

I believe that Gov. Larry Hogan has got his cart before the horse in regards to the five-star horse center at Fair Hill.

Recently our county council allowed the budget proposed by County Executive Alan McCarthy to take effect without challenge. The proposed cost to the taxpayers was increased significantly for many items.