The views expressed in Friday’s Whig by Donna Culberson, the newest member of the County Council, are alarming but not surprising. Presumably the Republican Central Committee would not have nominated someone without similar views. The County Council seems happy with their choice. I once thought that Trump-inspired know-nothingism was a disease confined to the national Republican party, with local officials less interested in bogus culture-war issues, but it has lately become obvious that the cancer has metastasized to all levels of the party. Those conscientious Republicans who publicly resist are being canceled in various ways.

Ms. Culberson might be right that some people are concerned about election integrity but that is because they have been fed lies about a supposedly stolen election from members of her party and their media mouthpieces. She will be disappointed to learn that election ID requirements are governed by Maryland state law and she will have no say in such matters.

COVID masks “not effective”? “Dangerous”? “Child abuse”? Yikes. Having a decision-maker so poorly informed is what’s dangerous. Fact: COVID cases are again rising in Maryland and in Cecil County, with the county’s case rate significantly higher than that of the state as a whole. COVID doesn’t care that we all want to be over it.

And then there is Ms. Culberson’s views on Critical Race Theory. She says she doesn’t believe school board members that it isn’t being taught — she believes it’s being taught but not under that name. But “believes” is the operative word. She offers no evidence. The whole CRT issue is a made-up controversy from the white grievance playbook. And Ms. Culberson is starting her term of office accusing other county officials of lying. Classy!

It’s sad to see what one party’s idea of leadership is these days.

George Kaplan Colora, Md.

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