The people of Cecil County — including the staff of the Cecil Whig — have been incredible to one another during this global pandemic, and it is a remarkable thing to watch and be a part of as your local newspaper.

We are eternally grateful to our partners — chambers of commerce and business alliances, county and town governments, local notables and businesspeople, the incredible educators and those distributing meals, and our county’s heroic frontline workers at hospitals, pharmacies, stores, and charities. We are grateful to the library, the Historical Society, and local faith groups.

We are also grateful to you for reading your local newspaper, providing feedback, and helping us to highlight the local heroes that are making masks, sanitizer, and hosting parades of thanks for health care and retail workers.

This is a hard time. There’s nothing we can say, print, or write that will take that away. It’s hard to know what to do when many are out of work, and many others are putting themselves in potential danger daily to serve their communities. Some business continues — governing, politics, school boards, and others. Some need help, and some have given much to their neighbors, families, and friends.

Cecil County is a particular place — people are a little different here. There’s a sense of home, of place, and of pride in the community. And it abides during times of plenty and times of need. When people are well, we celebrate it. When people are sick, we cling to our sense of community to help create some psychological sense in a chaotic world.

Staying connected to your families, friends, colleagues, coworkers, and your other intentional communities is crucial right now. And it’s our pleasure as your local newspaper to highlight how you’re coming together.

Most of us have made it through another week. Some of us have not. It’s a harsh reality that makes one want to lean into our world, embrace our circles, and do what we can for a better tomorrow.

We’re proud to keep bringing you stories of our local heroes, our schools, our government, and our champions. Personally, I’m extremely proud of your local journalists’ coverage during this crisis, and proud of our team for continuing our award-winning work despite many and varied obstacles.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. And thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your life and home.

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