We’re heading into the end of the year, and I know you’re all making your lists and checking them twice.

For those who might be hard to shop for, giving the gift of news and knowledge is a perennially welcome one. And we hope, if you’re renewing subscriptions or giving gifts, that you consider giving the gift of local journalism.

I have been here since Labor Day, and am celebrating my first Christmas in Cecil County. I’m looking forward to being more involved in the community in 2020. I haven’t met near enough of you — I’ve been spending most of my time with the dedicated staff here and throughout our papers on the Upper Shore.

And yet, I hear every day from local businesspeople, artisans and farmers how much you appreciate and care about the Whig. We hear from the far reaches of the county, and from right here in Elkton.

We do appreciate your commitment to your community, and to being an involved part of your world. I enjoy living and shopping locally, as I know you do, too.

We love it when you send us letters to the editor, birthday announcements, wedding photos, anniversaries, reunions, travel photos and anything else. It’s what our Cecil People section on Friday is for.

For young families, I encourage you to purchase a digital and/or paper subscription to the paper, or download our Cecil Whig smartphone app. If you have young children, there’s nothing better than sitting down with them to show them the good news from around the county in living color. There are many teaching moments to be had for young readers, and adolescents can start to learn more about their world, too.

For established folks and seniors, now’s a great time to consider your renewal to the Cecil Whig, or to give it as a gift. I won’t belabor a sales pitch, except to say that the people who write the paper live locally and care deeply about Cecil County. Our advertising folks do, too. Our small crew lives all over, from Elkton to Port Deposit to Collora to Rising Sun to North East. We’re part of a small group of newspapers throughout the Eastern Shore.

When you spend your money on the Cecil Whig, you’re spending it right here in your community. And you’re supporting the continuation of professional, straightforward, local, independent journalism.

From where I’m sitting, that’s priceless.

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