It’s that time of year again.

Tonight marks the official start of the 2019 Cecil County Fair.

For the Cecil County Fair Board, it marks the fruition of months of planning, coordinating, labor and more to make sure that the biggest celebration of the year in Cecil County goes off without a hitch.

For the young 4-H’ers, who have spent months preparing, tending to and training livestock, this will be their moment to shine after an enormous investment of time. No doubt that family and friends will eager watch the livestock shows and auctions

County gear heads will be prepped-and-ready for the truck and tractor pulls at the fair, putting in hours, if not days or months, of labor into their vehicles to haul as much as possible.

The highlight as always will be the men and women of the demolition derby, revving up their engines to fly across some mud into one another. Many of those cars will support causes bigger than them whether its cancer research or helping a friend in need.

It has been a long year since the fair packed up last summer. The growing partisan divide in our nation has been more on display than ever with a divided Washington at each others throats. With the specter of the 2020 presidential looming, we can imagine that politics will be crammed into our lives even more so in coming months. Meanwhile drug abuse is still a problem in our county, and one that seems to evolve in difficulty with every incremental success. Economic relief continues to be elusive for many in our corner of the world, despite reportedly improving conditions.

In the end though, Cecil County is still a place where neighbors look out for each other, teachers strive hard to make sure students succeed, and parents try their best to make sure their children have a better life than they do.

We often hear the refrain, “Why don’t you print any good news?”

Well, it’s about to hit your doorstep.

We’ll have more than a week’s worth of fair highlights online and in print, bringing you interesting profiles, exciting recaps and photo galleries galore of all of the sights and sounds of the biggest show in town.

The fair will dominate our paper and website, because it represents so much of the good that is still very much present in our county.

Teens working hard to make their parents proud of their accomplishments. Artists using their talents to show the beauty of Cecil County. Friends coming to the aid of those in need. Families coming together to enjoy the warmth of a summer night while enjoying some deep-fried Oreos or ice cream sandwiched by waffles, along with some laughs.

These summer Cecil County Fair nights will be the ones that we’ll look back fondly upon in our twilight years.

Enjoy them.

Just make sure to bring plenty of water.

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