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Thumbs up

To Mother Nature for largely giving the Cecil County Fair a break this year. While official attendance numbers were still being tabulated this week, officials said it was clear that the 2019 event outdrew the prior year, which was plagued by near constant rainfall over nine days. An estimated 45,000 attended the 2018 event despite the 14 inches of rain that fell. We thought we might be in for another difficult stretch when this year’s event began amidst a brutal heatwave and real feel temperatures neared 110 degrees with heavy humidity. But luckily the heat broke after the first few days and the rain largely stayed away, keeping the fairgrounds dry and ready for fun. It may seem like no big deal if weather dampens a single year, but the Cecil County Fair Board depends on attendance and proceeds to help fund future fairs. A few bad years in a row can leave a lasting impact on the county’s fair memories, so we’re glad this year was a success all around.

Thumbs down

To the disturbing case of alleged child abuse in Elkton, in which a father is accused of beating, smothering and taunting his 3-year-old son. The Elkton Police Department and Cecil County Child Protective Services began investigating Wednesday after they received reports from the defendant’s girlfriend and was shown a cellphone video of the episode. The incident, as detailed in court records, was difficult to read in its brutality. The alleged abuse was sparked by the boy’s crying at bedtime, according to police. As parents, we cannot fathom a reason for such unspeakable violence against a child. We surely hope this defendant recognizes the damage he has done and that a judge rightly sentences him so.

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