A dream come true in less than perfect circumstances

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Editor’s Note: Mr. William Carroll is the new Deputy Editor of the Cecil Whig. Please join us in welcoming him to the county and community. What follows is his first editorial. — B. Rae Perryman, Editor

I have always been a traveler of sorts, but always with a plan in mind.

In moving half-way across the country to start a new job at The Cecil Whig, I am fulfilling a long-term plan to work on the Eastern Seaboard. In reaching this goal, I took a risk in the most uncertain of times, but I feel the decision was the right one, and if my initial impressions of Cecil County are correct, hopefully one that will keep me here for a long time.

New communities are always full of adventure to an outsider, especially when circumstances are such as they are at the present, with a virus ravaging our beloved country. In the best of times you can see a place for what it wants to be, but it is in the worst of times you can see a place as it truly is. In just few short days, since arriving on Friday, I have already had the opportunity to meet several people, keeping the appropriate distancing of course, and those folks have been more than helpful and welcoming.

I moved to a lovely little apartment, just off Main Street in the town of North East. As a large number of businesses are closed, especially downtown, it is unfortunate that I haven’t been able to see the community in its full glory, but I have seen enough to know that the town is the quintessential American community I have always loved from my many travels around our great country. I really can’t wait to see the town when all of this mess is behind us.

A little bit about me for the curious among you, I am a southern boy born and bred in Mississippi. My first visit to Maryland was as a child due to the fact my father, like many Mississippians, is a huge Civil War buff. Our first trip was to visit the Antietam battlefield one summer and I remember that the thing I liked about Maryland was it wasn’t nearly as hot as Mississippi, at least not on that early June day.

Since that time I have visited the state many times and something about the people and the area just kept bringing me back. Admittedly, I have spent much more time in western Maryland, but I have ventured out to this area at least twice before finally having the opportunity to move here.

Maryland is the most recent stop on a journalism career that has developed mostly in the southeast in places like Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky and most recently Oklahoma. Before my time as a journalist, I worked as an attorney for ten years out in the wild west of Arizona. To say I have been around the block a few times is probably an understatement. My hope though is that this will be my last move for awhile.

In serving as the deputy editor of The Cecil Whig, my hope is to not only write about the stories that matter most to you, but also be an integral part of the communities in Cecil County. While the COVID-19 virus will limit everyone from interacting for a period of time, my hope is that when this is all over I will be able to get out and meet as many of our readers and community leaders as possible. I have always felt that in order for a newspaper to truly be the voice of a community, we as reporters have to be a full and vested part of the community.

With that in mind I welcome input from our readers. You may reach me via email at wcarroll@chespub.com or via my cellphone at 443-666-4419. I look forward to hearing from everyone and just ask that folks stay safe during our current coronavirus related time.

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