Journalists relentlessly pursue the truth in order to provide citizens with the information they need to be self-governing. And yet, for journalists, doing that work can be risky, dangerous and even cost lives.

Editor’s Note: I have done my share of caregiving, as have my sister and mother. I was inspired by my mother, who cared for two parents in their advanced years after debilitating strokes, and soon after did the same for her invalid sister in her last years. Her consistency, fortitude and gentleness forged a path that all the women in my family have emulated as we care for each other and others in times of sickness and convalescence. the Cecil County Farm Museum and to all the agricultural folks in the county. Did you know that there are more than 530 farms in Cecil County alone, and that more than 40 percent of farmers here are women? That’s cool!

Fall is a great time to take up a new hobby or reinvigorate your commitment to a cause. Why not get more involved in your community?

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Spam phone calls and caller ID spoofing are on the rise, and protecting yourself from being scammed can feel overwhelming. Make sure you arm yourself with knowledge, especially if you're a new cell phone user or an older person.

Newspapers — especially community newspapers — are alive and kicking, no matter what you may have read online. We chronicle the lives and times of our neighbors, and keep a close eye on government. And in addition to our print products, we maintain an up-to-date website to serve the public. There’s nothing fake about what we do.

School is officially back in session in Cecil County as of yesterday, and that means the big yellow buses are on the roads once again.

Next week, what will Maryland have in common with Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon? No sales tax. But remember, it’ll just be for a week here. The other five states offer that perk all year long.