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As the evolving concern and impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus heightens, all of us at your local newspaper and APG Media of Chesapeake are dedicated to providing the most recent and relevant information to our community.

During these unprecedented times, it is crucial for all people to get local and reliable information from a trusted source.

As we see our role to inform and update our community of the latest news or announcements, effective immediately, all local news, public information and announcements surrounding the coronavirus will be accessible as a public service to all visitors to our websites.

If you have questions or would like to submit information, please submit your questions to us and our news teams will do our best to assist you in providing information.

Each and every day, we are grateful for the work of our associates, the support from our community and the trust our readers and clients bestow in us.

Be safe.

Jim Normandin

President and Publisher

RISING SUN — You don’t need me to tell you that supplies of the new essentials (household disinfectants, staple foods and paper products) are in short supply.

It was a balmy day in fall 2005, smack dab in the middle of Tikrit, Iraq. I was working as a broadcast journalist for the U.S. Army, and my teammate on the mission was Jennifer, a print journalist.

Editor’s Note: We include this here as we have a steadfast commitment to providing public information. We are grateful to our County Health Department for its vigilance and hard work.

We find ourselves in a conundrum as a news organization. Some have accused us of fomenting hysteria or “fake news” with regard to the coronavirus, or COVID-19. Some are grateful for ongoing local information. Still others are disgruntled because they have to pay for our carefully researched and vetted news stories about the virus we post online and publish in print.

Since finishing medical school nearly 40 years ago, I’ve witnessed American scientists develop hundreds of lifesaving medicines that once seemed unimaginable.

We devoted an entire page to coronavirus last Friday, and county health officials are lending us a hand on our front page today to learn how best to deal with the threat of the newest public health scare.

Ever since the federal license allowing it to operate the Conowingo Dam expired in 2014, Exelon Corp. has fought updated permit requirements that would better protect affected waterways and aquatic life for the next 50 years.

Editor’s Note: I’ve included this information on the editorial page, because I think it’s highly important for informed Marylanders to know about our state’s bond ratings. We will include more opinion pieces in future issues of the Whig and online at cecilwhig.com. — B. Rae Perryman, Editor

If you’ve been at the Cecil Whig office on a Friday, you know I often bring my little dog Maybelle with me.

Politicians typically blame drug companies for soaring pharmacy prices. But insurers, pharmacies, and other middlemen are the real driving force behind rising drug spending.

If you blinked, you might have missed it. On January 1, a limited trade deal between the United States and Japan took effect. It doesn’t go nearly far enough.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we at the Cecil Whig want you to know that we love you!

On February 10th, the White House released its budget for the fiscal year 2021. It broadly showcases the values promoted by Donald Trump and the vision he has for the future of the United States of America. Budgets are the practical extension of genuine commitments. Politicians, as a group, are famous for making promises that they do not deliver on. Empty promises are often rhetorical flourishes meant to generate votes.

Super Bowl LIV was already going to be a monumental event no matter the outcome. The Kansas City Chiefs won their first Lombardi Trophy in 50 years. The San Francisco 49ers would have won their sixth championship, tying the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers for most in the NFL.

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