Republican states have the highest per capita cases of COVID-19 and Democratic states the lowest. This is based on designating the political leaning of each state by the party of the two senators (red states have two Republican senators, blue two Democratic, and purple one of each or independent).

In the 20 states with the highest per capita coronavirus cases, there are 17 red states, two purple states, and one blue state. Notably, the blue state ranks 20th. By contrast, of the 20 states with the fewest cases per capita, there are ZERO red states, eight purple states, and 12 blue. This despite the fact that the initial COVID surges were in blue states. Conclusion? Trump’s terrible leadership in the fight against coronavirus has sickened more Republicans. Trump gathers large groups and discourages mask-wearing. He does NOT care about the health of his own fan base. He needs those fans to feed his hungry ego, but they are dispensable. To use his own words, like our dead war heroes, they are apparently just “losers and suckers” for getting sick. By contrast, Biden’s campaign organizes small gatherings and always encourages wearing masks and physical distancing.

One more statistic that is telling: the US has 5% of the world’s population but 20% of the COVID19 deaths. This, in spite of the fact that we are a rich country with above-average healthcare. Trump should feel terrible about these deaths and case numbers, instead, shockingly, he gives himself an A+ on handling the pandemic!

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