I am writing to urge Cecil County voters to support Local Question A, which will open the opportunity for more citizens to run for Cecil County Council.

The current Charter does not allow our citizens to be eligible to run for County Council if they are appointed or employed in any public agency, department, board, or commission that receives funds through the county budget or anyone who does business with the county.

Although well intended, this restriction discourages interested citizens who may serve on a board or agency that may receive county funds such as school teacher, college professor, public librarian, or a volunteer on a nonprofit board that receives some county funding. Cecil County Government supports over 100 nonprofit agencies in the county whose employees or board members would seem ineligible to run for County Council.

In past elections, there are usually a minimal number of candidates who run for County Council. We would like to see a greater number of qualified and willing candidates run for these positions. If Question A is approved, the restriction to run for County Council will apply to only those who are under the direct supervision of the County Executive or County Council.

Restricting the qualifications to run for local office has been challenged in the courts and declared unconstitutional. Restricting someone from running for County Council is discriminating, based on someone’s employment or volunteer service.

Please vote “yes” on Local Question A so that more Cecil County citizens can be eligible to run for County Council.

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