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America is working, or at least relatively few of our fellow citizens are not working, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The agency, which has measured unemployment since the Great Depression-inducing stock market crash of 1929, reported that the unemployment rate for April and May — the latest figures — was at 3.6%. Not a historic low, but quite low.

WASHINGTON — Randolph Bourne (1886-1918) said, "War is the health of the state." James Madison said, "War is in fact the true nurse of executive aggrandizement," and the executive almost is the American state, Congress now being more theatrical than actual. Advocates of an ever-larger state, remembering Franklin Roosevelt's first inaugural address (seeking "broad executive power to wage a war against the emergency, as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe"), declare "wars" on this and that (poverty, cancer, drugs, global warming, etc.).

LITTLE ROCK — Do you suppose it’s possible that deep in the Stygian recesses of his mind, President Trump actually wants to be impeached? And for pretty much the same reasons that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to resist the idea. Think about it: a months-long, nationally televised political extravaganza with Trump himself in the starring role, the persecuted hero and cynosure of all eyes, climaxing with his triumphant acquittal by a Republican Senate that long ago surrendered to his cult of personality.

WASHINGTON — True, polls have very limited value at this stage of a presidential campaign. Yes, Democrats are far from choosing their nominee to oppose President Trump. Of course, a great deal can change between now and Election Day.

WASHINGTON — Why haven't efforts to impeach President Trump gained Watergate-style momentum? The lack of energy has created a sense of bafflement and disappointment among some of the president's most determined adversaries. But there are some simple reasons for it. Here are three:

There was a time when unwanted telemarketing calls were the sole province of the landline. Now, of course, that method of communication has come to cellphone users. You see an unfamiliar number, usually from a geographical location not in your regular routine of callers. So what do you do? Some pick up, some let it ring and maybe go to voicemail, where it can be ignored and deleted later.

WASHINGTON — Only a man who is, like, really smart could perform mental gymnastics at the level President Trump has attained over the past few days.

WASHINGTON — "It is a great advantage to a president," said the 30th of them, "and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know he is not a great man." Or, Calvin Coolidge would say today, a great woman. While today's incumbent advertises himself as an "extremely stable genius" and those who would replace him promise national transformation, attention should be paid to the granular details of presidential politics, which suggest that a politics of modesty might produce voting changes where they matter, and at least 270 electoral votes for a Democrat.

Shortly after the bridge was painted I noticed rust coming through the paint. I thought to myself, did we really pay for a complete paint job and not fix the corrosion? Did we get any warranty with the work? Seems wasteful to pay for such a huge paint job and inconvenience the public for what seemed like forever with the bridge being down to one lane to have rust showing through the paint almost right away. Could we have had the bridge primed and treated for rust, applied a corrosion prevention coating, or any other measure to stop (or greatly reduce) the bridge from rusting underneath…

I would like to see Congress pass a new program into law which would replace the former Aid To Families With Dependent Children program which was passed under FDR in 1935 and abolished in 1996.

A bit redundant as I did the same last year, but, very necessary to recognize excellent work. Congratulations and appreciation to all reporters/photographers for the outstanding high school graduation coverage.

Missouri's requirement that people receive unnecessary pelvic examinations before beginning the mandatory three-day waiting period for abortions is state-mandated rape. The unnecessary penetration of human bodies under the coercive threat of withholding medical abortions is rape. This is unacceptable.

WASHINGTON — The federal government seems to be consumed by raging battles about trade wars, immigration and, of course, impeachment.

LITTLE ROCK — Riddle me this: Exactly how did the Deep State, anti-Trump conspirators in the FBI and CIA persuade Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to hand over sensitive internal polling data to a Russian spy? Not to mention, what did Konstantin Kilimnik do with it?

WASHINGTON — President Trump has declared victory in his confrontation with Mexico. After he threatened to impose crippling tariffs on $350 billion worth of goods Mexico exports annually to the U.S., that country’s leaders agreed to measures aimed at impeding asylum-seekers from Central America that flow through Mexico headed for the American border.