Editor’s Note: I’ve included this information on the editorial page, because I think it’s highly important for informed Marylanders to know about our state’s bond ratings. We will include more opinion pieces in future issues of the Whig and online at cecilwhig.com. — B. Rae Perryman, Editor

If you’ve been at the Cecil Whig office on a Friday, you know I often bring my little dog Maybelle with me.

From the Town of Elkton: Mayor Robert Alt and the Commissioners are asking that everyone participate in the 2020 Census. It’s vitally important that all of Elkton’s residents be counted to ensure that our community receives its fair share of funding and that economic and planning decisions accurately reflect Elkton’s best interests.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R.3) imposes strict price controls, taxes, and regulations on biopharmaceutical companies. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office expects the measure to reduce the industry’s revenues by $1 trillion over the coming decade.

Politicians typically blame drug companies for soaring pharmacy prices. But insurers, pharmacies, and other middlemen are the real driving force behind rising drug spending.

If you blinked, you might have missed it. On January 1, a limited trade deal between the United States and Japan took effect. It doesn’t go nearly far enough.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we at the Cecil Whig want you to know that we love you!

On February 10th, the White House released its budget for the fiscal year 2021. It broadly showcases the values promoted by Donald Trump and the vision he has for the future of the United States of America. Budgets are the practical extension of genuine commitments. Politicians, as a group, are famous for making promises that they do not deliver on. Empty promises are often rhetorical flourishes meant to generate votes.

I would like to clarify my comments regarding the Fire Alarm system at Perryville High School. I am a former CCPS employee and Nicet Certified in fire alarm installation, maintenance and inspection. I was the person conducting the required yearly inspections mentioned by Mr. Willis.