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WASHINGTON — President Trump has proved to the 21st century that Lord Acton’s 19th-century maxim still holds: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In response to the “Racing pigeon found at Arts Council, mailed home” article that the Cecil Whig published on Oct. 10:

The Class of 1984 recently returned to Elkton for our 35th reunion. Our fearless Class President Dave Testerman, set a big goal for this reunion and delivered. Dave’s vision was a street party in Elkton for all EHS alumni. Dave assembled a small, but capable, team of volunteers to set the plan in motion. The planning was not insignificant. Dave and his team negotiated with the town leaders, worked with the bars and restaurants, thought through the details and called in a lot of favors to try to pull this off. They were very successful.

Spam phone calls and caller ID spoofing are on the rise, and protecting yourself from being scammed can feel overwhelming. Make sure you arm yourself with knowledge, especially if you're a new cell phone user or an older person.

We now are beginning the silly election season in Cecil County. Let me say what many think: I support for Alan McCarthy for County Executive. The reason is simple: he has made our County stronger and put it on a path to become a place where we can raise our families in prosperity. Alan has invested in our schools, our roads, and in public safety. But, more importantly, he has been a fiscally responsible leader. Thanks to his leadership and ability to make tough decisions, we no longer borrow against the future and we have a balanced budget. Just like we all do at home, Alan paid off th…

Newspapers — especially community newspapers — are alive and kicking, no matter what you may have read online. We chronicle the lives and times of our neighbors, and keep a close eye on government. And in addition to our print products, we maintain an up-to-date website to serve the public. There’s nothing fake about what we do.

I am concerned about this resolution for a few reasons: This expedited Enterprise expansion is supposed to be for Elkton as the resolution states, but there are a number of properties listed on Exhibit B that are literally miles away. I am for lower taxes for everyone, but this looks to be selective. The resolution specifically says Elkton, but there are properties involved in North East and even Port Deposit. Then the resolution is being hurried through. This makes the taxpayer suspicious. Why the hurry? We need transparency on this issue and all issues. This Resolution 50-2019 has a …

A key element for Southfields is the PUD Zoning Ordinance as it establishes the rules for development and defines the permissible uses. On Oct. 2, the Mayor and Town Commissioners voted favorably on Ordinance 5-2019, effectively establishing the PUD Zoning Ordinance in 20 days.

The Southfields Project has been getting a lot of attention lately, but do they really realize the impact?

Editor's note: This letter to the editor incorrectly identifies reporter Katie Tabeling's Oct. 3 article about Danielle Hornberger's campaign for county executive as an editorial.

Leaves are falling and summer is gone with the wind, but autumn brings little relief for many allergy sufferers. Ragweed pollen troubles millions of people with allergies. The pollen may not grow where you live, but it can travel hundreds of miles on the wind. Do not confuse allergic reactions with cold symptoms.

My dad worked in underground coal mines for about 35 years. He retired and was done with that part of his life. He never sighed that he missed the good old coal mine. He lived 30 more years and he was very active. There is something powerful about putting a period or an exclamation point at the end of one juncture or chapter of life and then beginning a new chapter with the sun burning brighter than ever before.

Election year 2020 is fast approaching so what better time to review the roles of our County Executive and our County Council as specified under the Charter of Cecil County? These two separate bodies function as the Executive and Legislative branches of Cecil County Government. Each has a distinct role to fill with different responsibilities yet must work together to assure a viable, efficient operation. The separation of powers system inherent in charter government allows the executive and the Council to work together to provide leadership and to make effective decisions. In November …

I applaud Ms. Perryman for straightforward reporting without infusing too much nuanced opinion. I offer this letter as correction, observation and my own interpretations.