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Year of the Woman: Women Leaders of Havre de Grace

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Women leaders of Havre de Grace weigh in on what they love about their world. We salute you!

“I started working in Economic Development for the City of Havre de Grace in December 2015 and have since that time had the privilege to work many progressive women business owners and organization leaders. I can’t help but think those amazing warrior women of more than a century ago who fought with the Just Government League and for the right to vote, would be justly proud of how the women of Havre de Grace honor their hard fought victory as business and community leaders today.” - Erika Quesenbery-Sturgill, Director of Economic Development, City of Havre de Grace

“Having the privilege of hosting events that are of such importance to people’s lives — like weddings for hundreds of couples each year, the beauty of seeing families come together and getting to be a part of these rare and beautiful moments of life — is what means the most to me. It is such a pleasure to be in the presence of so many talented and hard-working people in Havre de Grace. I also get to meet the families and friends of multiple generations, and this is what makes it all worthwhile.” - Kim Barth, Owner, La Banque de Fleuve, Seaplane Base

“I am so proud to be a business owner in Havre de Grace because I have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with all of the wonderful people in this amazing town. Most importantly, I am able to show my children that with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve your dreams just like I did,” -Emily Yeatman, Owner, Les Petits Bisous

“I am the proud owner of Big House Signs in Havre de Grace. I am proud of the fact that I am still here after 20 years. Coming here and not knowing a soul, I was able to build a business and a network of love and support. And that is what makes this town special. We support each other. I can’t imagine having this life anywhere else. I feel fortunate….and proud!” - Paula Cassagrande, Owner, Big House Signs

“Getting to own a gym in Havre de Grace is like coming home. This city is so supportive, and the people create an amazing community. I am so honored to get to bring a fitness community to a city that I love. Our welcoming space makes every person regardless of fitness level, feel safe and excited to be better than yesterday.” — Kim Groleau-Peters, Owner, Havre de Grace Fitness

“I’m proud to advocate for safe access to medical cannabis and share educational material with patients and caregivers via social media. My goal is to normalize the use of cannabis as medicine, unseating the stigma of this valuable treatment option through education and highlighting patient testimonials.” -Tiffany Meyers, Lifeline Cannamed, Medical Cannabis Advocate

“Havre de Grace is a one-of-a-kind city made great by its people. I am proud to offer a familiar and vibrant place for community, families and the incredible friends we have here. Havre de Grace is a Jewel-on-the-Bay, and I am proud to be a family-owned business owner in this beautiful city!” - Margie Coakley, Founder & Owner of Coakley’s Irish Pub & Coakley’s Next Door, Coakley’s Cornerstone Fine Wine & Spirits

“The Spencer Silver Mansion was built in 1896 and still stands today. We provide a cozy get-away, breakfast-in-bed, and we’ve served our community for over 30 years. I am proud to offer the warmest hospitality, service and comfort to help our guests feel at home, and explore all that Havre de Grace has to offer.” - Carol Nemeth, Owner and Operator, The Spencer Silver Mansion

“My main reason for starting Beach Bee Yoga is the genuine desire to help other people. I really enjoy working with people, and my goal is to help them achieve optimal health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit while continuing to build and serve the community.” - Christina Bollino, Owner, Beach Bee Yoga

“I’m honored to help people on their journey to healing & spirituality, to provide them beautiful handcrafted jewelry, crystals, gifts and a meaningful, unique shopping experience. Our partnership sharing space with iON Massage allows us to offer their restorative services and holistic products too. It’s a privilege to be amongst such a dynamic bunch of female businesses owners & influencers in Havre de Grace!” - Lisa Gravely, Owner/Jewelry Designer, Moon & Sea Creations

“As a new resident of Havre de Grace it is my absolute pleasure to have the privilege to serve this amazing community. I am very proud to be a part of the journey of wellness for the students. The teachers at our studio are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. Namaste.” - Theresa Mulqueen, Manager, Yoga Studio 723

“As publisher and curator of Havre de Grace Magazine, I think of myself as a ‘nudger and a connector.’ I try to encourage discovery of our city by sharing stories. People seem to feel comfortable talking with me and, as a result, I’m able to share their stories and talents in the pages of our magazine. I fell in love with my city when I moved here in late 1996; the generosity and caring nature of her citizens and business owners are remarkable.” - Ellie Mencer, Curator, Havre de Grace Magazine

“I do believe our community is woven with such an understanding, compassion and support that isn’t found in many other places than here, my home Havre de Grace. The enthusiasm that the town embodies genuinely fuels my drive for not only personal success, but for the success of the town as a whole. I love our resilience and our ability to adapt as a team. I am proud to be a part of that team, Team Havre de Grace!” - Stephanie Jean Golumbek, General Manager, MacGregor’s Restaurant

“As a small business, I am so proud and humbled by the impact we have had in serving our customers and making Havre de Grace vibrant, local and thriving. As we say, “It’s Not Just A Vapor, It’s A Work of Art!”” - Theresa Moyer, Owner, Van Gogh Vapes Havre de Grace and Van Gogh Vapes, Perry Hall

“I feel extremely happy and proud to live in Havre de Grace, where beauty surrounds us with every sunrise to sunset and where you will find the most welcoming and kind community. Our town has such rich history and compelling sightings of nature, that I feel blessed to be able to bring some of that to the people that welcomed me with open arms.” - Malgorzata Baker, Owner, Malgorzata Baker Photography

“Havre de Grace has been my second home for over a decade. During my stay here, I have worked as the treasurer for the American Legion Post 47 and enjoyed membership with The Sir Optimist Club where we supported female artists of all ages with $10,000 in scholarships towards their artistic pursuits in the community and through Havre de Grace’s Annual Art Shows. I am a climate activist and environmentalist and am proud to call Havre de Grace my second home.” - Hannah Von Krause, Former Treasurer, American Legion 47 & Soroptimist Member

“The most fulfilling aspect of being an NCW Manager is getting to be a part of a patient’s journey towards getting their lives back. Many of the patients that we see on a daily basis have debilitating issues that prevent them from leading normal lives. Our patients know they can call on me to help them no matter the issue. We are in this together. I love this community and being a part of helping Havre De Grace find plant wellness.” - Bonnie O’Callaghan, Manager, Nature’s Care and Wellness

“Havre de Grace is small-town America built on the great traditions and values of lifelong residents who treat everyone like family. This is my favorite part about our town. The support and commitment of our residents and neighboring businesses is what makes our town family. Vintage Café has bits and pieces of historical Havre de Grace making it an experience down memory lane whether it being “I remember my grandmother had that table” to customers bringing in the younger generation to tell stories while explaining our “old fashioned soda machine.” I am honored to be a business woman and resident in a great town where vintage traditions are embraced.” - Bridget Heckel, Manager, Vintage Café

“Havre de Grace opened its arms to this Abingdon woman back in 2017 when I was honored to be chosen to help open the renovated Cultural Center at the Opera House and help fan the flame of creativity that was already here. You can feel the energy and excitement of everyone who works hard daily to make Havre de Grace the place to be!” - Rebecca Jessop, Executive Director of the Havre de Grace Arts Collective /Portrait Artist Credit: Pamela Wilde

“I am proud to call the charming waterfront town of Havre de Grace my home: Where the community embraces creative expression, encourages entrepreneurship and believes in kindness. I am truly happy and humbled to be among these Women Business Owners of Havre de Grace, who had the courage to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams and to persevere!” — Sommer Delp, Owner, Found Vintage Co.

“One of the things I love about being a business owner in Havre de Grace is getting to know my customers like family. I have customers who come and say ‘My mom brought me when I was a child, now I’m bringing my kids.’ I am proud of the research that goes into each and every product and company represented in my store, so that I can ensure that what I am bringing to the community are some of the purest and best quality health and wellness products available.” -Karen Dix, Owner, Karen’s Natural Market

“Havre de Grace is home to JoRetro where visitors can shop over 4,000 square feet of authentic Vintage from the 50’s through the 70’s. We are a family-owned business and host the annual Havre de Grace Pyrex Festival each year. I am proud to be a mother and business owner in Downtown Historic Havre de Grace. Stop in and see how good Vintage can look!” - Jolene Forrester, Owner, JoRetro

“Havre de Grace’s small town feel, friendliness and proximity to Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia drove our decision to purchase the Vandiver Inn 18 years ago. From the beginning, other businesses in town were very supportive, and we have continued to work together to support the town. For example, all the wedding businesses in town are working together to establish Havre de Grace as the premier wedding destination in the Mid-Atlantic. It is heart-warming and fulfilling to be a part of a town and a company that celebrates family and works together toward common goals!” — Vandiver Inn in Havre de Grace from Susan Muldoon, Owner

“We are the perfect place for any occasion located in Historic Havre de Grace and the BEST Italian fare you will find. We are proud to host authentic Italian Cuisine to help your celebrate your anniversary, a birthday, a graduation with us.” — Antonella Coppola, Owner, La Cucina Italian Restaurant

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