ELKTON — As each veteran moved through the line there was a smile to go along with that spoonful of scrambled eggs and another with the serving of bacon at the Veteran’s Outreach Ministries Thank You Brunch.

“For me it’s a privilege to be able to return a little something to our veterans,” said Rob Matthews, owner of Baker’s Restaurant on Augustine Herman Highway in Elkton. “It’s a small token for what they gave.”

Matthews served up the breakfast, offering seconds to any who would return for more of the filling feast, which included fruit and other menu items from Chick-fil-A in Elkton.

“Harry Marcus and Rob Matthews are huge supporters of us,” said Tom Hogate, president of Veterans Outreach Ministries. Marcus is the owner of the Chick-fil-A franchise in Elkton. “We are very pleased they partner with us.”

It was VOM that put together the breakfast at Baker’s. More than two dozen veterans gathered to catch up, connect and dine.

Keith Walker held the American flag aloft for the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by an invocation and grace over the meal by Pastor Ray Seemans from Troubadour Ministry.

“This is our third year to say Thank You to all the veterans for their service,” Hogate said.

For Matthews it’s yet another ministry of his own.

“A few years ago I heard Tom speak and I knew I needed to get involved,” he said. “It was a God-wink.”

Emma Kaczmarczyk also knew she needed to be at the breakfast.

“I came from a long line of Marines,” she said. A former Marine herself, she had one deployment to Iraq and now works in Elkton.

“I am now an admin at Weyrich, Cronin and Sorra,” she said, noting it was those Marine Corps Reserves skills in data and communications that help her now in civilian life.

The next Veterans Outreach Ministries event is a Veteran’s Roundtable to be held July 27 from 11 until 1:30 at Sinking Springs, 843 Elk Forest Road in Elkton.

“We bring vets together to help each other,” Hogate said.

To learn more or to get involved yourself check out Veteran’s Outreach Ministries on Facebook.

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