First Whig

The front page of the first Cecil Whig, published Aug. 7, 1841.

On Aug. 7, 1841, a group of people who wanted a more informed community started a newspaper in Cecil County, Maryland. Today, that paper begins its 180th volume.

On Saturday, we will celebrate 180 years of telling the stories and documenting the history of the people of Cecil County. The privilege to report on and write the stories of the wonderful people of this county is one we cherish.

Throughout the last few years, not to mention the last few hundred, journalism has undergone a transformation, totally reshaping how people consume news. We have seen the dawn and rise of the digital age, the decline of many print-only newspapers, and the social media revolution.

People consume news a lot differently than they did 10 years ago, just like they consume news a lot differently than 180 years ago. However, some things have stayed the same.

One of those things is the Cecil Whig.

Throughout our history, we have been committed to one thing above all else: Producing factual, local journalism that our community needs. We have never strayed from that mission and, so long as our name stands, we never will.

We are committed to publishing the news of Cecil County and we are committed to publishing the truth. This charge is not one we take lightly.

Our reporters, editors and publisher are all committed to delivering a product that Cecil Countians can and should be proud of. Whenever we fail to provide content that is up to those high standards, we know the people of this county will demand better. And they should.

Whenever this paper — your paper — can stand to be improved in the eyes of our readership, please let us know. Your input and community involvement are what keep this newspaper alive. Your readership is what has kept us going for 180 years.

So let us be proud of our community newspaper. Let’s continue to hold it to the highest standard possible. And let’s come together in our community to rally around something everyone can get behind: the incredible people of this county and the stories they have to tell.

Please read our article documenting the history of the Cecil Whig in this edition. Our paper has a story to tell just like the rest of our county.

Thank you, Cecil County, for supporting your newspaper. We are honored to have your readership.

Here’s to the next 180 years.

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