LSD suspect sought

Investigators are asking for the public’s help in finding 40-year-old Michael James Gnayck, who stands accused of selling LSD out of a Rising Sun residence. The Rising Sun Police Department reports that criminal charges have been filed against him.

RISING SUN — Investigators are asking for the public’s help in finding a man who stands accused of selling LSD out of a Rising Sun residence, where he and another adult allegedly permitted juveniles to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana, police reported.

On Wednesday, investigators with the Rising Sun Police Department posted a wanted notice spotlighting the suspect, Michael James Gnacyk, 40, on the agency’s Facebook page.

The post includes a photo of Gnacyk and indicates that charges of distribution of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), contributing to the condition of a minor and maintaining a common nuisance have been filed against him.

Investigators are asking anyone with information concerning Gnacyk’s whereabouts to call the RSPD at 410-658-4101.

Gnacyk allegedly sold LSD out of a residence in the 100 block of Kari Court, where, according to Cecil County District Court records, he was living in the basement of that house. It is the residence of his 40-year-old cousin, Casey Louis McAnulty, who also is charged in connection with the case, court records show.

RSPD Master Patrol Officer Daniel Stickney arrested McAnulty on Aug. 15, after an investigation that lasted several weeks, and charged him with with four counts of drug-related common nuisance — a felony — and one count of contributing to the condition of a minor, according to court records.

On Tuesday, however, prosecutors dismissed the four felony charges against McAnulty, leaving only the misdemeanor count of contributing to the condition of a minor, Steven Barlow, a Cecil County State’s Attorney’s Office spokesman, confirmed Thursday.

Free on a $3,500 bond, McAnulty is scheduled for a Sept. 27 trial, court records show.

Docket entries relating to McAnulty also indicate that, on Aug. 29, the Cecil County State’s Attorney’s Office filed a notice of its intention to dismiss or stet the criminal case against him. As of Thursday, however, the charges against McAnulty remained on the books, court records show.

Because Gnacyk remained at large Thursday, the listed charges in the RSPD post do not appear on online judiciary records for Cecil County. Charges are not made public in the court system until a suspect has been served his or her charging papers.

(According to online court records, Gnacyk is currently facing three counts of drug possession and a variety of traffic charges, including driving under the influence, relating to a separate July 15 traffic stop by Maryland State Police in Harford County.)

RSPD officers started their investigation in July, after receiving “numerous complaints of possible drug use” and narcotics sales at that Kari Court residence during the previous several months, according to court records.

“Through the course of our investigation, it was found (that) numerous juveniles and adult teenagers frequent that residence and stay for prolonged periods of time,” Stickney notes in his statement of probable cause relating to McAnulty’s criminal case.

He further alleges in those charging papers that some teenagers told investigators that they are friends with McAnulty’s son and that, “(McAnulty) allows them to hang out at the house and does not really care that they smoke marijuana and drink because he would rather know where they were and would be safe at the residence.”

Stickney also reported in court records that numerous vehicles were frequenting that address and that people would enter the residence, stay for “short periods of time” and then leave — a pattern that, according to police, is indicative of illegal drug sales occurring at that location.

In late July, a person identified only as a “concerned resident” contacted Stickney and reported that a man named Mike, whom the resident had met at an area methadone clinic, told him that “if anyone needs marijuana or pills” to contact him, police said. The man provided the resident his cellphone number and told him that he lives in Rising Sun, police added.

Stickney pulled up a Facebook profile photo of Gnacyk and showed it to the resident, who identified the person in the picture as the man he had spoken with, police reported.

The concerned resident declined to make a controlled drug purchase from Gnacyk, when asked by Stickney, but several days later he connected the investigator to someone who was willing to do it, according to court records.

Then, in August, Stickney met with a person identified in charging documents only as a “cooperating party” who had “actually purchased marijuana and Xanax from Michael Gnacyk on several occasions” during the previous several weeks, court records allege.

At Stickney’s request, that cooperating party called Gnacyk on a speaker phone and the conversation was monitored by the investigator, police reported.

“During the phone call, the contact asked if Gnacyk was good on weed and candy (Xanax), where Gnacyk stated yes and that he had LSD also and to just let him know when they were going to stop by,” court records allege.

The contact agreed to make a controlled drug buy and was instructed by Gnacyk to enter through the basement door of the Kari Court residence, police said. Stickney had instructed that cooperating party to “request the normal amount of marijuana and Xanax, but (to) ask for LSD, police added.

Prior to the controlled purchase, Stickney reportedly searched the buyer to ensure that he did not have any contraband and then provided marked dollar bills to use in the transaction, court records outline.

At the scene, Stickney and another RSPD officer watched the buyer enter the Kari Court home from a covert vehicle and then leave, court records state. He reportedly entered the officers’ vehicle and turned over the purchased drugs.

Later, during a debriefing, the contact said “Gnacyk made the transaction in the basement area on a pool table” and that Gnacyk said “the LSD was good and that he could get any amount that they would want,” court records allege.

That led to investigators raiding that Kari Court residence Aug. 13, police reported.

“Upon entering the location, officers were met by numerous persons within various areas of the residence. (Investigators) located roughly 10 juveniles/adults under the age of 21 in the basement area in a fog of marijuana smoke, consuming marijuana and alcohol,” Stickney alleges in court records, which indicate that Gnacyk was found in a rear living room with a male juvenile and that McAnulty was found in a second-floor bedroom.

The juveniles who allegedly had been consuming marijuana and alcohol ranged from 15 to 19 in age, police reported. Officers detained the juveniles and later released them to their parents or guardians, police said. The teens, 18 and 19 in age, were released to “sober parties,” police added.

McAnulty and Gnacyk both agreed to speak with investigators, according to police.

“McAnulty advised the searching officers of the location of his bedroom and provided them with the combination of a safe within his bedroom, adding that he has marijuana and his prescribed medication in the safe,” court records show.

Investigators found prescription medication and marijuana inside that safe, according to court records. McAnulty told investigators that he has a medical marijuana card, court records show.

Later, at the RSPD station, McAnulty told investigators that he is rarely at home because he works approximately 50 hours a week and coaches football, police said.

In addition, McAnulty told investigators that “he knows that his son’s friends do frequent the residence and, when he learns that they had consumed alcohol, he immediately takes their keys and makes them stay,” police added.

McAnulty admitted to investigators that he permitted marijuana use inside his residence, but maintained that he was unaware of any drug sales inside of the dwelling, police reported. He also denied supplying the teens with alcohol and said he didn’t know where they got it, according to police.

Investigators expressed their disbelief when McAnulty gave some answers though, Stickney reports in charging documents.

“Through the course of the interview, McAnulty was advised that it was very hard to believe that he had no knowledge of the activities that were taking place within his residence, noting all the (drug) paraphernalia, empty alcoholic beverages throughout the residence, where he stated that he drinks a lot and smokes a lot of marijuana,” according to court records, which further indicate, “(Investigators) believe he knowingly allowed the children to continually party at his residence and has knowledge that Gnacyk was selling (drugs) from the residence.”

Amid the follow-up investigation, Gnacyk disappeared before he could be arrested and formally charged, RSPD Chief Francis “Skip” Peterson told the Cecil Whig.

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