ELKTON — On May 25, 2020, Emanuel Alcides Greaves allegedly punched a rival in an Elkton neighborhood — triggering a Memorial Day street brawl that resulted in investigators charging the man who had suffered the blow to his face with attempted murder after he purportedly fired a handgun three times during the ensuing melee.

One of the errant shots allegedly fired by that suspect, Deshan Marquet Huntsman II, 26, of Edgewood, reportedly was intended for Greaves, police reported at the time.

On Tuesday — exactly one year later — investigators filed several firearm charges against Greaves, 21, after they confiscated a loaded handgun during a traffic stop in downtown Elkton, according to Cecil County District Court records.

“During the interview, Greaves advised that the firearm did not belong to him, but he was holding onto it for protection due to being previously shot. Greaves advised he did not know who the firearm belonged to and did not want to say where he got it from,” court records allege.

Court records indicate that Huntsman — who is charged with attempted first-degree murder and 14 other offenses relating to that Memorial Day 2020 shooting incident in the 100 block of East Village Road — is free on a $100,000 bond while awaiting his jury trial, which is scheduled to start on Aug. 10.

Greaves, meanwhile, is awaiting an Oct. 18 jury trial that also relates to that Memorial Day 2020 incident. Investigators charged Greaves with second-degree assault for allegedly punching Huntsman moments before the May 25, 2020 melee.

The gun confiscation

Elkton Police Department Ofc. Matthew Nussle stopped a Chevrolet 200 on Wednesday in the 100 block of Railroad Avenue, after fellow officers saw the driver allegedly speed, make an unsafe lane change and an improper turn, police said. Greaves was a rear passenger in the vehicle, police added.

After the 20-year-old driver voluntarily handed Nussle a plastic baggie holding a small amount of suspect marijuana, Nussle prepared to conduct a probable-cause search, police reported. Moments earlier, police noted, Nussle believed he had smelled marijuana while at the suspect vehicle.

Greaves made a confession after he had exited the suspect vehicle, in accordance with an order given by Nussle, who was preparing to search the car, court records show.

“He advised there was a gun under the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Once Greaves pointed out the gun, we confirmed it was there and he was placed under arrest,” according to a statement of probable cause written by EPD Det. Thomas Saulsbury, lead investigator.

Investigators confiscated the firearm, which they described as a Model 80 .380 caliber handgun that was loaded with six bullets, including one in the chamber, police reported.

A follow-up investigation through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database indicated that the seized handgun had not been reported stolen, police said.

Investigators also contacted a Maryland Gun Center agent, who reported that Greaves is prohibited from possessing a firearm because he had been found delinquent in juvenile court of a “disqualifying crime,” police added. (“Delinquent” in juvenile court is the equivalent of “guilty” in adult court.)

After waiving his Miranda right to remain silent, Greaves told EPD investigators that he was carrying the handgun for protection — maintaining that he had been shot at some point in the past, court records allege.

Greaves was not wounded during the Memorial Day 2020 shooting incident on East Village Drive. Information regarding a possible different incident in which Greaves had been shot was unavailable, as of Thursday afternoon.

Free on a $1,000 bond, Greaves is facing six misdemeanor charges relating to Wednesday’s handgun confiscation, including illegal possession of a regulated firearm and loaded handgun on person, according to court records, which also show that he is scheduled for an Aug. 17 district court bench trial in this criminal matter.

Based on an online search of Cecil County criminal records, it appeared that, as of Thursday, investigators had not charged the driver and the third occupant of that Chrysler 200, a 21-year-old man who was the front-seat passenger.

Memorial Day 2020 incident

A nearby home surveillance camera videotaped the Memorial Day 2020 incident involving Greaves, Huntsman and several others, according to police.

No one was wounded during the incident, which occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 25, 2020 in the 100 block of East Village Drive — but one bullet allegedly intended for one of the combatants ricochetted off the pavement and struck a nearby 2012 Infiniti G37X in the driver’s side door, causing an estimated $500 in damages, police reported.

An off-duty Maryland State Police trooper, who was living close to where the melee took place, responded to the scene after hearing commotion coming from the street while inside his home, police said. Moments later, police added, that trooper detained Huntsman — the alleged gunman — before EPD officers arrived, police added.

Huntsman was armed when the trooper approached him, court records show.

“(The trooper) advised that when he heard shots fired, he ran back into his residence, he grabbed his firearm and confronted Huntsman, who was holding a loaded firearm at his side,” according to charging documents relating to that Memorial Day 2020 incident.

The trooper ordered Huntsman to drop his gun — and Huntsman complied — and then the trooper detained the him, police said. Huntsman was walking toward a black Chevrolet Trailblazer when the trooper confronted him, police added.

A home security camera at the trooper’s residence videotaped the melee and Huntsman allegedly firing a handgun, court records allege.

Court records also show that a man — later identified as Greaves — allegedly ran up to Huntsman and punched him, triggering a fight that quickly turned into a brawl after approximately four other people jumped into the fray.

EPD officers later arrested Greaves close to the scene and charged him with second-degree assault relating to him allegedly punching Huntsman, according to court records.The other people involved in the brawl scattered and fled when the gunshots rang out, police reported.

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