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Friday morning, State’s Attorney James Dellmyer announced the creation of a new Gun Violence Task Force.

ELKTON — State’s Attorney James Dellmyer announced the creation of a gun violence task force on Friday morning, in response to an increase in violence in the East Village area of Elkton. The task force will function across the county.

“This investigation revealed illegal guns and gun violence extends not just in the East Village area but all over Cecil County,” Dellmyer said.

East Village falls under the jurisdiction of the Cecil County Sheriff’s department, Elkton Police Department, and Maryland state police. East Village Drive has seen at least five shooting incidents since April 2020 according to Cecil Whig archives.

Dellmyer said the task force, which – along with the aforementioned agencies – has the support of the North East Police Department, Rising Sun Police Department, Port Deposit Police Department and Perryville Police Department, will use proactive policing and strategic enforcement efforts to curb crime.

Since the creation of the task force five weeks ago, the group has recovered 24 illegal firearms and made 11 arrests.

Dellmyer said he plans to announce a community meeting within the coming weeks to work with community partners. He said people who see suspicious activity, particularly people selling or manufacturing illegal fire arms, should contact the State.

“It is important that we provide opportunities for employment, substance abuse treatment, education, and other community services to more permanently solve this problem,” Dellmyer said.

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