More snow to fall Thursday night into Friday morning

STERLING, VA — For those Cecil County residents below the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal the Thursday night snowfall will be more of the same as Monday according to forecasters at the National Weather Service.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect from 9 p.m. Thursday until 7 a.m. Friday.

Meteorologist Austin Mansfield in the Sterling, VA. office said an estimated 3- to 4-inches of powdery snow will fall starting by midnight. 

"It may be a couple hours earlier, depending on the location," Mansfield said Thursday afternoon. Visibility is predicted to be low as snow falls up to an inch an hour overnight.

Those who must go to work Friday morning; the good news is the snow fall is expected to end before daybreak. However expect to shovel up to 4 inches, with a worst-case scenario of 5- to 8-inches.

"There's a potential for a dry pocket that could interfere with the totals," he said, but added, "There's a 10% chance of that happening."

Mansfield said as the snowfall ends winds will pick up, especially along the water. Look for northwest winds of 15- to 24- miles per hours with gusts up to 36. Look for gale warnings to be posted.

There's another chance of precipitation Sunday in the form of rain, freezing rain and sleet. Look for the changeover late in the day. Overnight lows Friday and Saturday will be in the upper teens and just 24 Sunday night.

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