PERRYVILLE — Cecil County Circuit Court Clerk Charlene Notarcola was in town Tuesday night to administer the oath of office to Tim Snelling.

In his first meeting as a Perryville town commissioner, Snelling found himself in familiar territory when Dianna Battaglia brought a request before the board to be allowed to serve alcohol at the town’s upcoming Christmas in the Park event. Snelling was part of a 3-2 vote in favor.

“We have hot chocolate for the kids,” Battaglia explained. “We would like to offer hot cider and mulled wine for adults.”

Commissioners Michelle Linkey and Pete Reich were against the request, saying the event is family-oriented, focusing on lighting the town Christmas tree and a visit from Santa.

“I’m really hesitant to offer alcohol at this event,” Linkey said. In her opinion this was more of a children’s event.

Snelling comes to the board as the former chairman of the Cecil County Board of License Commissioners. Familiar with county liquor law and his 18 years of experience on that board, Snelling sided with Mayor Robert Ashby and fellow commissioner Robert Taylor.

“While I applaud Ms. Linkey’s concern it’s such a small event,” he said. Christmas in the Park is scheduled for Dec. 7 from 3 until 5 p.m.

Ashby also made a slight change in the board assignments. He took the public safety assignment that had been the job of Ray Ryan III. Ryan resigned in August. Taking that role, Ashby then traded with Snelling, giving him oversight of the offices of the town.

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