PORT DEPOSIT — Next time the Susquehanna River threatens to rise drivers will get real time warnings thanks to three new signs from the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Located on Jacob Tome Highway near Hopewell Road in Port Deposit, on Route 1 near Red Pump Road in Rising Sun and on Route 1 near Connolly Road in Conowingo, the large lighted signboards will give drivers enough warning of flooding conditions to change their route.

The Tome Highway sign will give information specific to flooding in downtown Port Deposit according to SHA spokesman Robert Rager.

“This sign is strategically located to provide information during high-water events in Port Deposit, giving motorists ample time to choose alternate routes such as MD 275,” Rager said, referring to Perry Lawn Drive.

The Route 1 signs will give messages specific to the conditions on and around the Conowingo Dam.

“As you know, US 1 here is subject to fog and flash freezing, as well as lane closures for road and dam maintenance,” Rager said. “Providing road, weather and dam information at these locations will help motorists decide on alternate routes if necessary, (such as) MD 276 and MD 222.”

The signs can also be used to alert to road closures, police activity or other issues affecting travel in that area.

The same $4.7 million SHA project also erected signs on the Harford County side of Route 1 to alert drivers of conditions on the Conowingo Dam. Rommel Electric got the contract.

Rager said when there is no emergency or urgent message to convey the sign boards will give reminders to drivers about safety including speed, avoiding distractions and wearing seat belts.

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