RISING SUN — Each miniature flag inside a glass case at Rising Sun Middle School, on two artworks created by sixth-grader Dylan Noel, pays tribute to someone who died on 9/11, with the words “Never Forget” over the artwork showing the magnitude of the loss.

“It made me think of how sad all those families were when all their friends, family members and colleagues were killed on 9/11,” Noel said.

Noel worked on the project with his grandfather, and the duo did a similar work of art the previous year, creating a model of a Revolutionary War fort. The most challenging part was placing all the flags on each board, as the flags are placed very close together with 1,477 flags on one piece and 1,500 on another. Noel and his grandfather completed the two flags in a single night.

“The children as they come by here realize the gravity of the situation, with each flag representing one casualty from that day,” principal Stuart Hutchinson said. “It just brings it to light for them.”

Noel wants to start a history club at Rising Sun Middle School. He hopes to tell the story of the Wright Brothers, that also has an interactive element, with a piece “Tell Us How You Fly” where people send the stories of something that makes them feel unique, from sports to school success.

“Ever since I heard back in fifth grade that we could start clubs I was like ‘we’re definitely starting this history club,” Noel said.

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