RISING SUN — Rising Sun High School student Georgia Mercer has been chosen to represent the First Congressional District, which includes Cecil County, in Congressional Art Competition sponsored by the US House of Representatives.

The achievement came as a surprise to Mercer, as she didn’t remember which piece Rising Sun teacher Alicia Madron submitted on her behalf for the contest.

“When I won I was notified by her [Madron] and we tried to remember what it was,” Mercer said.

Her image shows a colorful saltwater angelfish swimming in the ocean. The colorful fish breaks a square blue border within the picture that splits the background between black and white and color. Mercer said she chose the fish partially because her brothers are into fish and the shape of the fish, with it’s long colorful fins, worked well for her concept.

Mercer’s work will represent the entire Eastern Shore, Cecil County, along with parts of Harford, Carroll and Baltimore counties.

The painting marked Mercer’s first time using Gouache, a type of paint that she describes as a mix of watercolor and acrylic. She used Gouache to paint the fish to make it stand out against the ink background. The picture came from an assignment in Madron’s class.

“It creates more contrast between the bright colors of the fish and then the outer layer with just the corals being more simple and black and white,” said Mercer on her use of different painting techniques.

Along with art, Mercer participates in Soccer and Track. Mercer, a rising senior, is considering studying biology in college, but after being honored in the congressional art competition, she is considering shifting her focus to art.

Mercer is currently a biomedical engineering student at Cecil County School of Technology. Along with her work for school classes, Mercer has painted beehives boxes, with The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland inspired designs. Mercer may also paint a mural for Xpress YourSelfie in Elkton.

We definitely would love to have her artwork in the studio,” owners Kelly and Mark Bare said. “She’s a very talented student, athlete and artist and we’d be honored to support that.”

Mercer said she enjoys art because of how it enables her to add her own touch to an image.

“I like being able to take how I see the image and then put it into my own painting,” Mercer said.

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