RISING SUN — A man blamed boredom and a “masturbation addiction” after he allegedly pleasured himself inside his vehicle at a Rising Sun shopping center during daylight hours, an incident that led to his arrest, according to Cecil County District Court records.

Rising Sun Police Department Mpo. Daniel Stickney started his investigation at approximately 12:20 p.m. on Friday, when he was dispatched to Rising Sun Towne Centre in the unit block of East Main Street after a woman had complained about a man “openly masturbating” inside a black Hyundai, police reported.

The woman provided authorities with the information on the Hyundai’s license plate, which helped the officer identify the registered owner of the vehicle, police said. The tag information and the description of the Hyundai also helped Stickney locate the suspect vehicle in the shopping center’s main parking lot, police added.

Court records indicate that the man who was inside the Hyundai identified himself as Isaac James LeBlanc, 26, of Rising Sun while speaking with Stickney, who notes in charging papers that LeBlanc is the registered owner of that vehicle.

The officer noticed that LeBlanc’s pants were unbuttoned or unzipped while speaking with him and that there was an “overwhelming odor of marijuana” coming from inside the vehicle, police reported.

“I asked LeBlanc if he had any idea why Rising Sun police would be making contact with him, (and) he actually stated that someone possibly observed him masturbating, adding that he was awaiting his girlfriend, who was getting her nails done, and got bored,” Stickney outlines in his written statement of probable cause.

The alleged victim had complained that, as she was getting into her vehicle in the shopping center parking lot, she saw a man in a nearby vehicle masturbating and holding a cell phone, according to charging documents, which also allege, “The complainant added that LeBlanc moved his vehicle around the parking lot, continuing masturbating for a prolonged time.”

Investigators interviewed LeBlanc at the RSPD station, after he waived his Miranda rights, police reported.

“LeBlanc stated that he has a porno graph and masturbation addiction and was just bored awaiting his girlfriend, so he began watching porn and pleasuring himself,” court records allege.

Released on personal recognizance and scheduled for a March 18 trial, LeBlanc is charged with indecent exposure, which is a misdemeanor that is punishable by up to three years in prison and a $1,000 fine, according to court records.

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