Robert Holbrook, Jr.


RISING SUN — A Rising Sun man has been charged with disturbing the peace and failure to obey police orders after verbally attacking two members of the town police department.

Robert Holbrook Jr, 51, was released on $2,000 bond after his Friday night arrest.

Master Police Officers Stephen McKinney and Daniel Stickney were seated at Bigfoots Steaks and Hoagies at 20 West Main St. just after 6 p.m. when they overheard someone at the counter asking employees why the officers were not wearing masks.

In charging documents it was reported the cashier informed that person that McKinney and Stickney were seated at their table to eat and were not required to be masked.

“Apparently Holbrook was unhappy with the response that was given to him so he walked to the table where MPO McKinney and I were seated and began questioning why we were not wearing masks,” Stickney’s report reads.

McKinney repeated the employee’s words, that they were seated at their table and awaiting their food.

“I then advised Holbrook to mind his business and told him to carry on about his day,” Stickney reported.

Getting about two feet from the table Holbrook screamed at the officers, pointing his finger at Stickney’s face. Stickney, fearing the situation was escalating toward the physical, stood and ordered him to leave.

It was then that Holbrook allegedly began to point his finger in Stickney’s face and continued to shout, which resulted in his arrest.

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