Early Wednesday morning, a dump truck arrived at Rising Sun High School and dropped 18 tons of sand onto the rear parking lot.

It was followed by beach chairs, grills, games, and Beach Boys music.

The Class of 2013, in keeping with school tradition, had delivered — literally — its senior class prank.

Graduating Rising Sun High seniors Ben Miller and Doug Megee made the beach happen.

“It was originally my idea, but I knew Ben would be the best person to pull it off,” Megee, from Rising Sun, said. He said all the sand would be removed with a skid loader. Miller added it would not go to waste.

“We use it to bathe the cows,” Miller explained. He lives on Chesapeake Gold Farm off Dr. Miller Road. “We'll just take it back to the farm.”

Miller, who will attend Penn State University in the fall to study animal science, said he and Megee sort of got permission from Anne Gellrich, Rising Sun High School's principal.

“It wasn't too hard. We're pretty good students,” he said.

Megee agreed

“She likes us,” he said.

Several teachers stood nearby and watched as hot dogs were grilled, beach balls tossed and games such as cornhole and washer toss were played.

A smaller gathering was held nearby. Ronnie Erickson and a handful of others congregated around a second grill where Erickson, from Rising Sun, cooked bacon and sausage.

“We're our own party,” he said, adding his was a tailgate party.

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I will say this looked like so much fun. I think this class of 2013 did a great senior prank

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