Tyler James Hayes


ELKTON – A man who molested a 14-year-old girl inside her Perryville residence in May – 10 days after he was given 21 years in suspended sentences in three unrelated assault cases — recieved a 10-year prison term Monday.

Cecil County Circuit Court Judge William W. Davis Jr. imposed a maximum 25-year sentence on the defendant, Tyler James Hayes, 20, of Havre de Grace, and then suspended 15 years of it during the hearing, which occurred on the day that Hayes’ jury trial was scheduled to start.

Hayes had pleaded guilty to child sex abuse moments earlier, as part of a plea deal in which prosecutors dismissed five related charges, including attempted second-degree rape, false imprisonment and second-degree assault.

Davis ordered Hayes to serve three years of supervised probation after completing his 10-year term in a Maryland Department of Corrections prison.

Hayes sexually assaulted the girl inside her second-floor bedroom on May 20, while her mother was elsewhere in their Perryville home, police said, noting that the teen and her family knew Hayes.

The teen managed to text her mother at some point during the incident, asking for help and directing her mother to come to her bedroom immediately, police reported.

When the mother reached the bedroom, Hayes was naked and her daughter was partially naked, prompting the woman to call 911, police said. Hayes fled from the house and ran into the nearby woods, police added.

Maryland State Police troopers and detectives arrived moments later and, after an extensive search, they captured Hayes in the woods and arrested him, according to police.

MSP detectives interviewed the girl and her mother about the incident as part of the investigation, which led to a Cecil County grand jury handing up a five-count indictment against Hayes on June 5, court records show.

Hayes was jailed without bond after his arrest.

Sr. State’s Attorney Shauna Lee prosecuted Hayes in his Cecil County molestation case.

Steven Barlow, an SAO spokesman, reported that Hayes’ child sex abuse conviction on Monday resulted in a violation-of-probation charge against Hayes in three Harford County criminal cases that were adjudicated 10 days before he molested the Perryville girl.

If convicted of that Harford County violation-of-probation charge, Hayes would face up to 21 additional years in prison, according to Barlow. A VOP hearing in that Harford County case had not been scheduled, as of Wednesday.

The following are summaries of those adjudicated Harford County Circuit Court criminal cases against Hayes:

* On May 10, less than two weeks before he molested the Perrvyille teen, Hayes received a suspended 10-year sentence and was placed on three years of supervised probation, after he pleaded guilty to a second-degree assault charge relating to an incident that occurred on March 8, 2018, court records show.

In that incident, Hayes approached a woman he did not know from behind – while she was loading groceries into her vehicle outside a Havre de Grace grocery store – and pulled her pants down, before fleeing, according to court records.

Surveillance cameras videotaped the attack, which helped investigators arrest Hayes, court records show.

* Also during that May 10 hearing, Hayes received a second suspended 10-year sentence after he, once again, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault, according to court records.

That conviction relates to a May 28, 2018 incident in which Hayes, once again, approached a woman he did not know from behind – while she was vacuuming the inside of her vehicle at a Havre de Grace carwash – and pulled her pants down, before fleeing, court records show.

* In the third criminal case adjudicated on May 10, Hayes received a suspended one-year sentence after pleading guilty to fourth-degree sex offense, according to court records.

That conviction relates to Hayes walking up to a woman he did not know on a sidewalk in downtown Havre de Grace on July 12, 2018, grabbing her breasts and then pushing her to the ground, before fleeing, court records show. A man in that area witnessed the attack, according to court records.

As part of the plea deals in those three criminal cases, Harford County prosecutors dismissed several charges against Hayes, including third-degree sex offense, fourth-degree sex offense and second-degree assault, court records show.

On Monday, after Hayes received a 10-year prison term in the Perryville molestation case, Cecil County Interim State’s Attorney James Dellmyer commended the work performed by Lee and the MSP troopers who investigated the case — Sr. Trooper Paul Orem, Trooper Alexandra Rohloff and Trooper Chase Hinkley.

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