Perryville High School to follow Rising Sun's lead

Rising Sun has celebrated the graduating class of Rising Sun High School with these signs along its Main Street since 2020. Now, Perryville High School will follow suit.

PERRYVILLE — Fundraising has begun to purchase banners for celebrating the Perryville High School Class of 2022.

Melanie Tserkis is leading the charge to raise $3,100 for the banners, which will carry pictures of the estimated 182 graduates of the school and hang on poles along Aiken and Broad Streets.

“Perryville is going to pay for the brackets,” Tserkis said Wednesday. “That cuts my fundraising in half.”

Since seeing the banner project in Rising Sun for the past two years, Tserkis said she obviously turned to Mayor Travis Marion for help. Marion launched the Rising Sun High School banner project for the Class of 2020 since traditional graduation ceremonies had to be canceled thanks to the pandemic.

“Travis was a huge help. I must have asked him a million questions,” she said. She also got the support of Theodore Boyer, principal.

Tserkis has a personal stake in the Class of 2022. Her son, Daniel is a member.

“He’s my partner in crime,” she said, adding Daniel is helping with the fundraising efforts.

Rising Sun High School banners go up just before graduation and hang along Main Street throughout the summer. The orange signs carry the senior portraits and names of each graduate.

“I imagine our banners will look similar to Rising Sun’s, just blue and gold instead of orange and black,” Tserkis said, adding Joe Shepard Designs will make the signs. It’s the same company that prints the Rising Sun banners.

There are envelopes at the high school, at Perryville Town Hall and the Susquehanna Post #135 American Legion in Perryville for those wishing to make a donation. Make checks payable to Perryville High School, Tserkis said.

Meanwhile the Legion on Cherry Street is offering its home for a Jan. 23 Bake Sale to also raise money for the banners. The sale starts at noon and Tserkis expects to sell everything.

If there is any money leftover Tserkis figures she will leave it for the Class of 2023 and hope those parents pick up the mantle.

Anyone who needs more information, or would like to help can contact Tserkis via email at

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