ELKTON — With the 2020 Census activities to begin next year, County Executive Alan McCarthy and the County Council are encouraging the public to learn more about the process.

County officials said Tuesday that the Cecil County Census Counting Committee will meet on Monday, October 28 at 6 p.m. in the Elk Room of the County Administration Building in Elkton for training to educate committee members on Census 2020.

Every Maryland county will have its own Census Counting Committee, and officials say the goal is to encourage public participation.

A low response rate to the 2020 Census could result in the loss of federal and state funds which support a variety of programs, including school funding, Medicaid, SNAP, WIC and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.

“Cecil County Council was asked by Audra Harrison, Maryland Census Director, to organize with community partners to encourage Cecil County residents to fill out their Census forms, or complete the Census online or by toll-free telephone,” said County Council President Bob Meffley.

Cecil County’s Census Committee met last month for training and to learn more about encouraging public participation.

“The county has been working behind-the-scenes to prepare for the 2020 Census since early this spring,” said McCarthy. “The County Council has formed a Census Counting Committee complete with training and planning. We’ve met with stakeholders, brainstormed for ideas and created some eye-catching graphics. Our website and social media accounts have been peppered with information to educate the community.”

McCarthy said he encourages all Cecil County citizens to perform their civic duty and return their census forms. An accurate count of Cecil County residents, he said, stands to benefit everyone.

For more information on the Census Counting Committee, please call the Cecil County Council office at 410-996-5201 or email at council@ccgov.org.

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