PORT DEPOSIT — Port Deposit Heritage Corporation, better known as the Paw Paw Museum, has been awarded a Cecil County Government VLT Grant for fiscal year 2020 to assist with the costs of replacing the roof on the Paw Paw Museum.

“I am pleased to thank County Executive Dr. Alan McCarthy for selecting the Heritage Corporation to receive this grant,” said George Maldeis, president of the Port Deposit Heritage Corporation. “Thank you also to David Trolio, director of community services, and Barbara Smith, chief of community partnerships. Their conscientious work providing a fair and equitable grant award process. Being one of fifty out of sixty-six applicants chosen to receive these limited grant focus is a humbling honor. Thank you for all your diligent efforts and timely competencies.”

The Paw Paw Museum’s mission is preservation, conservation and education. Maldeis says their emphasis is on community. “It’s not merely artifacts and documents, but the people and the life they have lived,” said Maldeis. “This grant will enhance our ability to provide an environment in which folks can explore their history, the people and the lives that have shaped and define the character of our community.”

The Paw Paw Museum itself, Maldeis said, is the curator and archivist of the community it serves. There are numerous unique artifacts and primary source documents that support scholarly and genealogical research.

“The environmental integrity of the store-house is extremely important,” he said.

The roof of the Paw Paw Museum’s building is in disrepair due to old age. It has seen the wear and tear of at least two useful lives, museum officials said.

“It is in dire need of replacement to retain its weather-tight integrity,” said Maldeis. Museum officials said they were proud to be an Historic Designated Area, and are working diligently to replace the roof with historically appropriate cedar shake shingles.

“The use of ‘like kind’ materials is important to retaining the historic character of the community,” Maldeis said.

Additional funding is required to complete the project, museum officials said. ALl contributions and donations are tax deductible, as the museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in the state of Maryland. Should you wish to contribute to the project, you can call 443-693-3982. There is also a GoFundMe account set up for these donations at gf.me/u/u9pzj4.

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