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Police: Woman invades Port Deposit home, tries to kill resident

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Roxanne Jean Semilia


PORT DEPOSIT — A woman is facing attempted murder charges after she allegedly wandered into a stranger's Port Deposit home over the weekend, pointed a revolver at a woman who lives there and pulled the trigger multiple times — but the gun did not fire, according to Cecil County District Court records.

Investigators identified Roxanne Jean Semilia, 38, of the 100 block of North Main Street in Port Deposit as the suspect.

Maryland State Police Tfc. Eby spotted Semilia on Main Street in that town "holding a gray revolver in her hand," shortly after the incident, and arrested her, according to court records, which further indicate that the trooper took Semilia into custody after he ordered her to drop the weapon and she obliged.

"The revolver contained 4 'cartridges' and was identified as a Crosman SNR 357, which fires pellets and BBs at velocities of up to 400 FPS (feet per second), which is capable of causing death or serious injuries to humans. This revolver uses realistic looking brass 'bullets,' which have a hollow tube where the projectile is placed ... This revolver was gray in color, metal and looks and feels like a .357 revolver," MSP Tfc. David Waddell outlines in charging documents.

Waddell also notes in his written statement of probable cause that Semila was "visibly intoxicated to the point where she could not remember how to spell her name (and that) she blathered about how we were going to crucify her and stated that she was very drunk."

The incident started at approximately 3:45 p.m. Sunday inside a residence in the unit block of Mill Street, police said.

At that time, the woman who lives there was seated at a computer desk in the living room, while her husband was walking toward an outbuilding workshop on the property and her daughter was on the second floor of the house, police added.

The woman who lives at that residence walked from the living room into the kitchen, after she heard a stranger's voice coming from there, and that's where she saw a woman — later identified as Semilia — holding an alcohol bottle, police reported.

"(Semilia) stated she she needed a ride. (The woman) asked Semilia who she was and she said, 'Roxanne! I need a (expletive) ride!'," court records allege.

Semilia "became hysterical" while allegedly asking — and then demanding — money from the woman, police said. When the woman attempted to leave the house, Semilia allegedly blocked the doorway, police added.

Then the woman noticed that Semilia was holding a revolver, police reported.

"Semilia raised the revolver, pointed it at (the woman's) head, then lowered it. (The woman) quickly sent a text message to (her daughter), telling her to call the police but not to come downstairs," according to court records.

The woman attempted to find a dollar, after Semilia, once again, demanded money, police reported.

"Semilia then raised the revolver, aiming it directly at (the woman's) face at a range of approximately 12-15 inches and pulled the trigger. The revolver made the sound of compressed air being shot through the cartridge; however, there was no projectile loaded. When the revolver did not shoot, Semilia pulled the trigger a second time with the same result," court records allege.

At that point, according to court records, the woman noticed that Semilia was holding three cartridges that appeared to be live ammunition and that she was attempting to reload the revolver.

"When (the woman) realized that her life had been spared, she handed a dollar bill to Semilia, who demanded $50. Semilia then handed the revolver and three bullets to (the woman), stating that she would sell it to her for $50. (The woman) attempted to take the revolver and put it somewhere away from Semilia; however, Semilia snatched the revolver and three bullets back immediately," court records allege.

Then the woman offered to retrieve money from upstairs, police reported.

"Semilia again raised the revolver and, aiming it directly at (the woman's) face, pulled the trigger twice," according to court records, which note that the gun, once again, did not discharge.

The woman fled upstairs and called 911, after she had made another attempt to run out the house and Semilia had, once again, blocked the doorway, police said.

While on the phone, looking out the second-floor window, the woman saw Semilia walking down Mill Street and noticed that she was "still pulling the trigger of the revolver in an attempt to make it shoot," police added.

Tfc. Eby arrested Semilia on Main Street shortly after that, court records show.

Semilia's friends later told investigators that Semilia showed up at their Race Street residence in Port Deposit at approximately 4 a.m. Sunday — some 12 hours before the incident — and that she "spent the day napping, wandering around the house and drinking peach vodka out of a handle-sized bottle," police said.

The friends believe that Semilia took the air-powered pellet revolver from their house when she left the place at approximately 2 p.m. Sunday, less than two hours before the incident, police added.

During a police interview after her arrest, Semilia could provide only a hazy account of the hours preceding the incident, blaming her high level of intoxication for her spotty memory, police reported.

"She told me that she remembered being arrested, but stated simply that she thought the reason for the arrest was the alcohol. I asked her if she remembered having a handgun at any time during the day and she was surprised and became upset. She stated that she did not think she was holding anything in her hands at the time of her arrest," Waddell notes in charging documents.

Semilia is facing 10 charges, six of which are felonies, including attempted second-degree murder, home invasion, armed robbery, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary and robbery, court records show.

She remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond on Tuesday, according to court records.

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