PORT DEPOSIT – A traffic stop near Port Deposit got out of hand when one suspect allegedly tried to speed away — even though two Cecil County Sheriff’s Office deputies were partially inside her car — and the other purportedly fled from the scene while handcuffed, triggering a foot chase, according to Cecil County District Court records.

The suspects – Becky Sue Thayer, 38, of the unit block of Benjamin Court near Port Deposit, and Kevin Lee Pierce, 25, of the 700 block of Mackall Street in Elkton – remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond on Thursday, after their bail review hearings, court records show.

Scheduled for a Sept. 14 trial, Thayer is facing 22 misdemeanor charges, including second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, obstructing and hindering, possession of a controlled and dangerous substance and providing a false name to a law enforcement officers, according to court records.

Pierce is facing 12 misdemeanor charges, including second-degree escape, third-degree burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, obstructing and hindering and giving a false name to a law enforcement officer, court records show.

Thayer and Pierce allegedly gave false names to investigators during the incident, with Thayer identifying herself as “Jade Jones” and Pierce using “Don Jones” as his monicker, police said. Further investigation resulted in deputies learning the suspects’ real names, police added.

The traffic stop

The incident started at approximately 10:15 a.m. on July 16, when CCSO Dfc. Brian Bravo of CCSO’s Street Level Crimes Unit stopped a dark blue BMW 535XI because the driver, later identified as Thayer, failed to obey a stop sign before making a left turn from Benjamin Park Drive onto Jacob Tome Memorial Highway (Route 276), court records allege.

A “visibly irate” Thayer got out of the BMW and asked why she had been stopped, prompting Bravo to instruct her to return to the driver’s seat and then he would tell her the reason for the stop, police said. Thayer told investigators that she did not have her driver’s license with her, police added.

CCSO Sr. Deputy Joseph McCabe, after arriving to assist Bravo, spoke to Pierce, who occupied the front passenger’s seat, court records show. During a pat-down search of Pierce, McCabe found a hypodermic needle in his pants pocket and seized it, after Pierce had admitted that he had a “point,” slang for a needle, in his possession, court records allege.

At that point, McCabe handcuffed Pierce, escorted him to the back of the BMW and ordered him not to move from there, police reported.

Meanwhile, Bravo was at the driver’s side window, where he repeatedly asked Thayer to provide him with a form of identification showing that she was “Jade Jones,” whom she had claimed to be, court records allege.

“(Thayer) then became verbally defiant and stated several times that she ‘did not do anything wrong.’ Dfc. Bravo again asked ‘Jade Jones’ to provide him with a date of birth. (Thayer) continued to hesitate on providing a date of birth. Dfc. Bravo . . . recognized her behavior and her hesitation to provide a date of birth within a reasonable amount of time to be signs of deceit,” according to charging documents.

Bravo ordered Thayer to shut off the BMW’s engine and get out of the car, police said. Thayer complied by turning off the ignition; however, she refused to get out of the car, ignoring at least a couple of orders, police added.

At that point, Thayer turned her body away from Bravo, restarted the car and placed her right hand on the gear shift – prompting Bravo to jump into the vehicle to prevent her from putting the BMW in gear and driving away, police reported.

McCabe jumped into the BMW, too, to assist Bravo, police said. The deputies continued to order Thayer to get out of the car, but she “continued to actively resist by pushing Dfc. Bravo and Sr. Deputy McCabe away” while still trying to put the vehicle into gear, police added.

“As (Thayer) attempted to place the vehicle into gear, she continued to press the accelerator of the vehicle. During the struggle, Dfc. Bravo and Sr. Deputy McCabe heard the vehicle’s engine rev loudly while their upper bodies were extended inside the interior, with their legs outside of the vehicle as they attempted to gain control of (Thayer),” court records allege.

The deputies were able to “extract” Thayer from the vehicle, but she allegedly pulled away and tried to run toward the driver’s seat when Bravo attempted to take her into custody, police said. McCabe forced Thayer to the ground and, after a struggle, he and Bravo were able to handcuff her, police added.

Suspect runs away

During that sequence of events, the deputies’ attention was diverted from Pierce, who McCabe had left handcuffed behind the BMW, police reported.

“While Dfc. Bravo and Sr. Deputy McCabe struggled to get (Thayer) into custody, (Pierce), who was still handcuffed, took off on foot toward Homestead Mobile Estates. Sr. Deputy McCabe then runs towards Homestead Mobile Estates to search for (Thayer),” court records allege.

(It is noteworthy that throughout the entire traffic stop incident, a 39-year-old man who had occupied the BMW with Thayer and Pierce remained in the back seat of the vehicle, according to court records, which indicate that he was not charged.)

Several CCSO deputies arrived in their patrol vehicles to assist in the hunt, court records show.

During the search, several neighbors in that mobile home park told deputies that they saw the suspect – a man they know as Kevin Pierce, not Don Jones – enter a residence in the unit block of Benjamin Park Drive, police said.

Deputies went to that address and talked to several residents there, who reported that Pierce was hiding inside the residence, police added.

“Deputies then searched the residence (and) they located Pierce in the bathroom, still handcuffed,” according to charging documents.

The homeowner told investigators that he had not given Pierce permission to enter his residence and that he did not want him there, police reported.

Real names and searches

After determining that “Jada Jones” actually is Thayer, investigators learned that, at the time of the incident, “she had four active warrants through Maryland State Police” and one active warrant through the Union County (N.J.) Sheriff’s Office, court records show.

“Dfc. Bravo also learned that (Thayer) has multiple aliases and commonly goes by Becky Thayer,” court records allege.

Thayer told investigators that she knew Pierce only as “Knuckles,” which Bravo recognized to be Pierce’s nickname through previous encounters, police reported.

Investigators dispatched CCSO Sr. Deputy Michael Thomas to the traffic stop scene, where he led his specially-trained scent dog, K9 Roscoe, through a sniff scan of the BMW’s exterior, police said. Roscoe alerted to the presence of illegal drugs, prompting investigators to search the vehicle, police added.

Searchers found two hypodermic syringes that are, according to investigators, “commonly used to inject heroin and/or fentanyl into the human body,” court record allege. One uncapped syringe was found under the front passenger’s seat, where Pierce had been seated, and the other was in the front passenger’s door compartment, according to charging documents.

During a strip-search of Thayer at the county detention center, a female corrections officer found a pill of suspect Xanax, which is a prescription medication to treat anxiety, and confiscated it, police reported. Before that strip-search, Thayer twice denied possessing any contraband, court records allege.

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