Cecil County Sheriff's Office

Cecil County Sheriff’s Office

Cecil County Sheriff’s Office

ELKTON — A multi-agency training exercise is the reason that there was a significant law enforcement presence near a pond in the West Creek Village community, north of Elkton, on Wednesday, according to the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to several CCSO deputies, the day-long training exercise in that community off Fletchwood Road, northeast of Elkton, involved numerous troopers with the Maryland State Police and the Delaware State Police, including divers that periodically went into the pond, police reported.

The scene, which also included several police vehicles, caused speculation on the part of nearby residents and passersby, police said. Some of those people took to social media, where a few of them erroneously surmised the reason for the large presence of law enforcement officers, police added.

“No bodies were found. That (information) was put on social media — that a body was found in the pond — and that is not the case at all,” said Lt. Michael Holmes, a CCSO spokesman, who noted that he could understand how the scene caused witnesses to wonder. “I don’t have an exact number, but there were several deputies and troopers out there. But it was just for a training exercise.”

There was a practical side to a segment of that training exercise, Holmes acknowledged.

“Part of the training exercise was the furtherance of one of our (CCSO) ongoing investigations,” Holmes said, before commenting, “But I really cannot give any specifics because I don’t want to compromise that ongoing investigation.”

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