Deshaun Marquet Huntsman II


ELKTON — A man is facing attempted murder charges after he allegedly pulled a handgun during a Memorial Day brawl on the street of an Elkton neighborhood and fired three shots, including an errant one at a rival — all of which was captured on videotape by a home security camera, according to Cecil County District Court records.

No one was wounded during the incident, which occurred at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Monday in the 100 block of East Village Drive, but one bullet allegedly intended for one of the combatants ricochetted off the pavement and struck a nearby 2012 Infiniti G37X in the driver’s side door, causing an estimated $500, police reported.

An off-duty Maryland State Police trooper, who lives close to where the melee took place, responded to the scene after hearing commotion coming from the street while inside his home, police said. Moments later, police added, that trooper detained the attempted murder suspect — Deshaun Marquet Huntsman II, 25, of Edgewood — before Elkton Police Department officers arrived.

Huntsman was armed when the trooper approached him, police reported.

“(The trooper) advised that when he heard shots fired, he ran back into his residence, he grabbed his firearm and confronted Huntsman, who was holding a loaded firearm at his side,” according to charging documents.

The trooper ordered Huntsman to drop his gun — and Huntsman complied — and then the trooper detained the him, police said. Huntsman was walking toward a black Chevrolet Trailblazer when the trooper confronted him, police added.

A home security camera at the trooper’s residence videotaped the melee and Huntsman allegedly firing a handgun, court records show.

Court records indicate that a man identified as Emanuel Alcides Greaves, 20, of the 300 block of Grey Mount Circle in Elkton, ran up to Huntsman and punched him — triggering a fight that quickly turned into a brawl after approximately four other people jumped into the fray.

EPD officers later arrested Greaves close to the scene and charged him with second-degree assault relating to him allegedly punching Huntsman, according to court records, which further indicate that Greaves is free on an unsecured $2,000 bond. The trooper had pointed out Greaves to EPD officers at the scene, before they arrested him, court records show.

During the brawl, Huntsman allegedly brandished a handgun and fired one round at a man — a person other than Greaves — and it struck the pavement, ricochetted and hit the Infiniti, police said.

In rapid succession, Huntsman then allegedly fired two more shots into the air, police added.

The other people involved in the brawl scattered and fled when the gunshots rang out, according to police.

After EPD officers arrived at the scene, the trooper showed them an unloaded .40 caliber handgun lying on a grassy embankment beside a 10-round magazine that still contained nine bullets, court records show. The trooper identified the .40 caliber handgun as the weapon that Huntsman was holding when he confronted him, court records allege.

An EPD officer swabbed the handgun for DNA, and those swabs are destined for a crime lab for analysis, police said. A check with the Maryland Gun Center revealed that Huntsman does not have a gun permit and a concealed weapon carry permit, police added.

Investigators found a .40 caliber shell casing on the East Village Drive street and recovered it as evidence, police reported.

EPD officers interviewed several nearby residents, many of whom declined to cooperate, according to court records.

One resident told investigators that a white Cadillac convertible was driving slowly passed the brawl and that the man driving the car shot from that vehicle, before fleeing, police said. The trooper, however, told EPD officers that the Cadillac driver did not fire a gun and that he did not possess a weapon, police added.

As of Thursday, what caused the fight that led to the shooting incident was not clear.

Huntsman is facing 10 charges, including attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault, according to court records. As of Wednesday, Huntsman remained in the Cecil County Detention Center without bond, court records show.

This marks the second shooting incident in the 100 block of East Village Drive in five weeks, but, as of Wednesday, an arrest or arrests had not been made, and EPD investigators had not determined if the two cases are related.

At approximately 8:20 p.m. on April 20, a gunman or gunmen opened fire in the 100 block of East Village Drive, striking a parked car occupied by two men and forcing two other men outside that vehicle to take cover, police reported.

No one was wounded in what investigators categorized as a “drive-by shooting,” but bullets stuck the car occupied by the two men and also hit an unoccupied vehicle parked adjacent to it, police reported.

The handgun used in the April 20 shooting is the same caliber as the one used during Monday’s incident.

Shortly after the April 20 shooting incident, Capt. Joseph Zurolo, an EPD spokesman, told the Cecil Whig, “We still don’t know how many shots were fired, but residents in the area said they heard five shots. We recovered two .40 caliber shell casings in the road and two bullet fragments — one near the vehicle (occupied by the two men) and one on the sidewalk near some trash.”

The shots were fired by a gunman or gunmen from what was described only as white sport utility vehicle that, seconds before the shooting, stopped or slowed on East Village Road.

“We don’t know if they (the four men) were the intended targets, but they were in the line of fire,” Zurolo said.

At the time of the drive-by shooting, a 19-year-old man who lives on East Village Road and a 20-year-old man who lives elsewhere in Elkton were inside the car that was struck by bullets, police said. Meanwhile, police added, two other men, ages 20 and 23, were seated on a curb near the occupied car. The two men on the curb also live on East Village Road, police noted.

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