RISING SUN — A Newark man arrested by Rising Sun police and charged with drug distribution told officers he was a wanted man in the Dominican Republic.

However the chief of the Rising Sun Police Department said the man — who also admitted to being in the country illegally — has since been freed after paying a $2,500 bond.

Yeudy Campusano-Aguero, 30, was stopped by town police around 8 p.m. on Aug. 31 at Pearl and Queen Streets right in front of Rising Sun Town Hall according to Francis “Chip” Peterson, chief of police.

Stopped for speeding, Peterson said officers immediately saw questionable activity inside the 2016 Chevy Malibu.

“He was making suspicious movements. The officer feared for his safety,” Peterson told the Whig Wednesday.

A search of the vehicle uncovered what Peterson described as “enough crack cocaine to charge him with distribution.”

Peterson said when Campusano-Aguero was being held at the police station he told officers he had a warrant for his arrest in the Dominican Republic.

“They called and confirmed he was wanted for murder,” Peterson said. He was sent to the court commissioner and held without bond in the Cecil County Detention Center.

“Before being released from the detention center it was learned he was here illegally,” Peterson said. He was almost released on a $2,500 bond Sept. 4. “He had a two-year visa but he’s been here eight years.”

So again Campusano-Aguero was held without bond and turned over to the US District Court. However another bail review at the hands of the federal court system resulted in another $2,500 bail, which Peterson said Campusano-Aguero has paid to gain his freedom.

It has Peterson shaking his head.

“You would think a subject in the country here illegally, wanted for murder in another country would be held and extradited,” Peterson said.

Capusano-Aguero was also charged with possession of CDS and two counts of possession of paraphernalia. He has a Sept. 25 preliminary hearing in Cecil County Circuit Court.

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Has the US district court lost their mind? They knowingly let a murderer/ drug dealer/ illegal immigrant walk on $2500. bail? Instead of an immediate deportation. So, when this guy commits another crime against an American citizen in anyway shape or form the US district court should be held accountable and pay restitution. If they're big enough to sit in the Judges chair they're big enough to recognize they just totally fucked up.

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