CECILTON — A woman is facing assault charges after she allegedly attacked her 15-year-old daughter with deer antlers inside their Cecilton residence, causing a deep puncture wound and other injuries, according to Cecil County District Court records.

Investigators identified the suspect as Crystal M. Frazier-Tarntalini, 37, of the 100 block of Rickards Street in Cecilton.

Sr. Dfc. Myles Tornetta of the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office responded to that Rickards Street residence at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, after receiving a complaint regarding a domestic incident, police reported.

After speaking with the teen’s 74-year-old grandmother, once inside the residence, the deputy found Frazier-Tarntalini and her daughter in a bedroom, where they were arguing, and he separated them, police said. Tornetta then spoke to the teen, police added.

“At that time, SDFC Tornetta noticed several injuries on (the teen’s) arms and legs, some of which were bleeding,” court records show.

The teen told the deputy that, while she and her mother were arguing, her mother grabbed a flyswatter and attempted to hit her with it, police said. However, according to the teen’s account, she was able to snatch the flyswatter from her, police added.

At that point, according to the teen’s account, Frazier-Tarntalini grabbed a nearby deer antler and struck her daughter with it several times, according to charging documents, which further indicate that the girl was able to gain control of the antler momentarily, before her mother regained possession of it.

“(Frazier-Tarntalini) then hit her in the left leg with the antler and dragged it down her leg, causing several cuts and scratches. At one point, (Frazier-Tarntalini) hit her (daughter’s) left leg with the antler with such force that the antler pierced her skin, causing a small puncture wound, which started to bleed. (The teen) advised that she was able to see ‘yellow stuff’ in the wound before it bled,” court records allege.

Tornetta considered the puncture wound to the teen’s left calf to be “substantially deep,” after examining it, and he dispatched an ambulance crew, police said. After arriving moments later, police added, paramedics treated the teen’s injury.

The deputy found the deer antlers on the floor near the bed and confiscated them as evidence, police reported.

Court records indicate that the teen recorded the alleged attack on her cell phone and that, as part of his investigation, Tornetta viewed the footage.

“SDFC Tornetta observed (Frazier-Tarntalini) standing next to the bed, where (her daughter) was sitting. SDFC Tornetta observed the antlers in (Frazier-Tarntalini’s) hand and, on two separate occasions, he observed (Frazier-Tarntalini) swing the antlers at (her daughter) with the pointed ends facing downward, towards (her daughter) in a manner that would carry the risk of serious bodily injury,” according to charging documents.

The teen also recorded her puncture wound immediately after suffering it, police said. The deputy believed that the teen’s puncture wound was “deep enough to possibly expose fatty tissue,” police added.

While speaking with Tornetta and CCSO Sgt. Michael Kalinsky, who also responded to the scene, Frazier-Tarntalini “openly admitted to striking (her daughter) with the antler,” court records allege.

Frazier-Tarntalini explained that it occurred after her daughter purportedly refused to leave Frazier-Tarntalini’s bedroom and threatened to break her belongings — unless Frazier-Tarntalini gave her a ride to the store, according to charging documents.

Tornetta arrested Frazier-Tarntalini at the scene, police reported.

Scheduled for a June 9 preliminary hearing, Frazier-Tarntalini is charged with first-degree assault, which is a felony that, if convicted, is punishable by up to 25 years prison, court records show.

Frazier-Tarntalini also is charged with second-degree assault and reckless endangerment, both of which are misdemeanors that carry maximum sentences of 10 years and five years respectively if convicted, according to court records.

After spending one night in the Cecil County Detention Center on no bond, Frazier-Tarntalini was released Monday on a $10,000 bond after her bail review hearing had been held earlier that day, court records show.

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