PERRYVILLE — He’s been officer of the year twice and his boss calls him “one of the hardest working police officers we have.”

Tuesday night Gerard Morgan was promoted to corporal by Chief Bob Nitz.

“That was one of the last official acts of Chief Miller,” Nitz said, referring to Allen Miller, who retired in July.

Morgan has only been with the Perryville Police Department since 2018 and that was the first year he won officer of the year honors. He repeated in 2019 and is credited with getting the most drugs off of the streets and recording a high arrest rate.

The promotion was also part of a realignment of the agency. At the same Tuesday night town meeting Nitz took the oath of office administered by Mayor Robert Ashby sealing his position as chief of police.

Not quite a month in assuming the role, Nitz said he’s getting increasingly more busy and his calendar is filling up fast.

“I just want to do a good job,” he said. That includes naming his successor as lieutenant of the department.

“I am evaluating the overall operations of the department as well as personnel to ensure I select the most qualified and appropriate person for the position,” Nitz said Wednesday. He expects to name his second in command in February.

Filling in the 12th slot on the roster is John Peer, a veteran of law enforcement and a Cecil County resident.

“He retired after 29 years with Baltimore City Police. He comes with so much experience,” Nitz said, in introducing Peer to the mayor and commissioners. Peer worked numerous units including patrol on horseback, drug interdiction and arson.

“He was a certified drug recognition officer and he’s still certified for accident reconstruction,” Nitz said, adding he expects that experience will be absorbed by his department.

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