Stuff-A-Police-Car for Perryville Outreach members

PERRYVILLE — Whether Cecil County school students will learn in the classroom or in their dining room, the fact of the matter is each will still need supplies.

In fact, since the decision has been made to begin the public school year virtually, Danielle Hemling, director of the Perryville Outreach Program, said kids will need even more supplies.

“They’ll have no access to classroom supplies,” Hemling said. It’s something she sees at the OP at 413 Elm St. when the members would begin their homework and she would get barraged with requests for pencils, paper, and more.

On Tuesday the OP will host its second Stuff-A-Police-Car event at the Perryville Police Department, 2 Perryville Town Center Drive from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. The plan is to fill the patrol car with everything the kids will need for a successful academic year.

“Pencils, pens, graph paper. The kids never seem to have graph paper,” Hemling said. Composition books, color pencils, crayons, markers, highlighters, glue sticks, looseleaf notebook paper, rulers, protractors and travel packs of sanitizing wipes are on the list of needs this year to stuff the car.

“Maybe less backpacks and more stuff,” she said.

On Monday Jeffrey Lawson, superintendent of CCPS, announced that students would engage with the virtual classroom when school goes back into session for the 2020-2021 year Sept. 1.

Only small groups on students with specific learning challenges will return to the traditional classroom setting beginning Sept. 8. The health outcome of those classes will determine what CCPS will do going forward.

For that reason Hemling wants to focus the Stuff-A-Police-Car collection on the classroom materials to which her OP members might not have access as they learn at home, including pencils, notebook paper and graph paper.

Anyone wishing to donate that cannot get to the event Tuesday can drop off supplies to the police department or the OP.

Meanwhile, as Sept. 1 approaches Hemling is conducting a poll of the parents of members to determine the fall operating schedule. In all likelihood the OP will make itself available during the day to help its members with the virtual classroom lessons.

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