PERRYVILLE — The mayor and commissioners continued with town business Tuesday night, holding its work session a week late and by teleconference.

Perryville leaders canceled the planned budget meeting and instead held the work session, following it with a special session during which votes could be taken.

One of the agenda items during the workshop was Perryville’s transportation priorities. Drafted annually, the town’s wish list for Maryland Department of Transportation has not changed much over the past several years. In fact, Denise Breder, town administrator, suggested the same letter used in 2019 could be resubmitted.

“We can mail it or skip it this year,” Breder said. “We have the same priorities.”

Those priorities are to investigate options to deal with the high toll rates on the Tydings Bridge over Interstate 95 and the affect that has on traffic at Route 40 and 222 surrounding the Hatem Bridge over Route 40; a new interchange for Route 222 at I-95; sidewalks from Clayton Street to St. Mark’s Church Road; adding mid-day and weekend service to the MARC Penn Line commuter rail service in Perryville; replacing the bridge over Amtrak on IKEA Way; and evaluating the need for a signal on Route 222 at Cedar Corner Road.

Commissioner Michelle Linkey suggested that last request be changed to a study of 222 from Franklin Street to Cedar Corner.

After some debate among the commissioners it was agreed that the town would ask Maryland Transportation Secretary Gregory Slater for an evaluation of all Route 222 traffic from Franklin Street to Heather Lane.

However with the COVID-19 government operations it is unknown when or how the annual transportation meetings would take place.

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